# Friday, 16 March 2007

Min hustru reddede min dag med følgende beskedveksling på Messenger:

Trine says (12:49):
hej søde
det kan godt være du får p-bøder i tide og utide, men jeg kan et bedre trick...
Trine says (12:50):
Trine says (12:51):
jeg låste mig ude af bilen, nede i byen, mens Christoffer sad i bilen! Slå den!!!
Heldigvis var det på Sydbanks parkeringsplads, så jeg kunne lige låne telefonen og ringe efter en låsesmed og hæve de 400 kr han skulle have
Trine says (12:53):
spørg lige om jeg følte mig dum!? Jeg havde trykket låsen ned og stod og tog selen på, og så gled døren i... øv! og min taske var selvfølgelig inde i bilen med nøglen og Christoffer... Hov. Fra nu af bor bilnøglen i min jakkelomme
Trine says (12:55):
Så da jeg stod inde i en forretning og så de fedeste smykker, tænkte jeg at de 400 kr. sættet kostede vist var dem jeg allerede havde brugt på den søde låsesmed, som iøvrigt sagde at det ikke var første gang han havde befriet et lille barn...

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Want to do some good while sending those IMs all day long? Check out this link im.live.com. Simply add a letter code to your Live Messenger name and you're good to go.

i’m is a new initiative from Windows Live™ Messenger. Every time you start a conversation using i’m, Microsoft shares a portion of the program's advertising revenue with some of the world's most effective organizations dedicated to social causes. We've set no cap on the amount we'll donate to each organization. The sky's the limit.

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# Friday, 09 March 2007

For some time I have been wondering why anyone would not use Skype entirely for their corporate VoIP needs. Of course the hosted PBX solutions offer a much more flexible solution but to my mind the main feature missing from Skype is the ability to transfer a call to another Skype user. Looks like we will see this feature in the near future as it is slated for Skype 3.0 with final availability in version 3.5. Skype is becoming even more compelling these days.

Skype 3.0 introduces the long-awaited interface to enable call transfer. Call transfer is being phased in over two releases, and won’t be exposed to users until the 3.5 release. The reason for this phased release is to ensure substantial penetration of Skype 3.0 among users, because call transfer requires that all parties are running Skype 3.0 or higher. Our goal is to enable you to start building and testing great new apps now which will be ready to blow peoples’ minds away when we release 3.5 next year. No more playing catch up with the client!

Skype 3.0 Dev Notes - Call Transfer 3.5

More information about phase one and how to use the API in version 3.0

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# Monday, 05 March 2007

I enjoy Google's Gmail and companion products very much but I don't want to spend my entire day in the web browser simply due to the fact that I use Outlook to organize my work day. Gmail in contrast does one thing and one thing only: E-mail. It does this well and I absolutely adores that no nonsense interface the Google engineers have come up with.

I am already getting very good mileage out of Gmail which I use as both backup for my e-mail and webmail. In essence Gmail is my Exchange for free.

What is missing from my free Exchange you ask? Well my calendar of course. Until recently I used Plaxo for synchronizing my various Outlook calendars. With the release of Outlook 2007 I have found Plaxo useless becuase it does not support this particular version of Outlook yet. Bummer.

Google Calendar and CompainionLink for Google Calendar (boy is that a mouthful) to the rescue. Google Calendar in itself is a very cool tool but as with my e-mail I rely heavily on Outlook to get my work done so living in the browser is not on option. CompanionLink for Google Calendar, you guessed it, is a tool for synchronizing Outlook with Google Calendar. It does a two way sync which means that I not only have the Plaxo functionality back additionally I have a web calendar it my disposal.

CompanionLink for Google Calendar syncs other PIMs as well:

Blackberry/RIM, GroupWise, Lotus Notes, Palm Desktop, Palm Hotsync, and a couple of handheld devices.

Having found this product of course I wanted it to run automagically because having to run a tool manually is kind of ghetto and it would last for about 10 minutes before I would get tired of it. So I raced off to the Task Scheduler of Windows Vista to set it up. Only problem was that the thing would pop up during each sync to report status and it would finish off with another popup to let me know that everything went fine. Now imagine that happening every 10 minutes as I initially set it up to do.

Luckily it turns out that you can add a switch to the arguments of the tool to make it run silently. The magic and obviously very secret switch is .... wait for it ... -silent. Who knew?

My calendar is now handily synced with Google Calendar and shared with my wife online so she can know my every move minute by minute :D

CompanionLink for Google Calendar is $29.95 and well worth it even if you only need to sync with Google Calendar. Additionally you get the opportunity to sync multiply Outlook calendars if you desire to so. I know I do.

CompainonLink for Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Google Gmail

Microsodt Outlook

Microsoft Exchange

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Finally some hard guidance is available from Microsoft on integration between SharePoint and Commerce Server. Code samples are included but they don't amount to much and the whitepaper clearly focuses on the installation and configuration and not very much on the more interesting problems like how we create dynamic layouts for product definitions, user editing of product data in a unified manner, all the good stuff we are looking into today.

Interestingly Ryan Donovan states that Microsoft has no plans for doing an integrated product which provides both commerce and content management functionality although the grapevine indicated that they did before the 2007 products were launched. His arguments for not doing such a thing are sound but I would have liked to see such a product.

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# Thursday, 01 March 2007

This has been an interesting week for sure. Trine and Christoffer came home this Monday marking the beginning of a new reality for our family. Apparently in this reality Microsoft wants to hire me. I describe this as an alternate reality because it is truly unreal that such a thing should happen to me.

Basically what happened is that as I was driving home with my son from daycare I received a phone call from a Microsoft recruiter who wanted to know whether I was the Søren Spelling Lund who works at Vertica which of course I am. At this point I was wondering how the heck he knew this about me and it turned out that he had tracked me down using LinkedIn so it turns out that it is good for something after all. Following this he described what can only be labeled as "the dream job". He asked me a couple of questions about what I do today and it looked like I was the perfect candidate for what he had in mind. Basically they wanted me for a lead developer position working on support tools for Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) with responsibility for mentoring the other developers in the group and further developing the tools. In other word a subset of what I do today at Vertica.

As a side note I can't help but feel a bit disloyal towards Vertica for actually listening to his proposal but the fact of the matter is that this very situation is a dream come true for little old me, I just never thought that I would actually have to deal with the situation so I was pretty dumb founded throughout the entire conversation. Also when the mothership phones you up you just have to take the call :)

The catch of course is that this would all have to happen at the Microsoft development center in Vedbæk which means that I would have to uproot my entire family and relocate to Zealand. It turns out that I'm not quite ready to do that at this point in my life with all the stuff going on, the move finally over with, and of course our new baby boy. For fun I went and checked the prices on real estate on Zealand and I am pretty chocked although not entirely surprised at what I found. Basically you do not get much for 3 million kroner and what you do get you need to put lots and lots of work into. What a turnoff right there.

Still playing around with the thought of working for Microsoft was a pretty fun excercise to be true and of the way it came about was very cool too.

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# Wednesday, 28 February 2007

I have installed an interesting application - BlogJet. It's a cool Windows client for my blog tool (as well as for other tools). Get your copy here: http://blogjet.com


"Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid; humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant; together they are powerful beyond imagination." -- Albert Einstein

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# Saturday, 24 February 2007

Well whadda ya know, I'm a dad... again. Let me warn you right now: This might get mushy so stop reading right now if you can't stand people going on and on about their children. I promise that I'll return to the regularly scheduled programming :)

I can tell you one thing right off the bat it doesn't get any less wonderful or weird the second time around. I did wonder how I'd be able to love both the little ones the same with two of them competing for attention. Turns out that the love simply grows with each new addition to the family. Isn't it wonderful how things just work themselves out sometimes?

The birth of my first born (and, don't forget, heir to my kingdom) was a pretty traumatic deal not so much because anything went wrong per say. We simply didn't know at any time what the next step would be, you get the feeling that the hospital staff thinks of you a person who cannot even begin to understand what is going on. incredibly frustrating when you think of yourself as a reasonably enlightened individual with equipped average intelligence.

This time around the opposite happened. My wife needed to give birth by C-section because our son apparently is equipped with the same path finding abilities as his father, i.e. next to none, thus he wasn't facing the exit properly. So we knew the date and time on beforehand which turns out to be pretty handy for planning :)

We started out the day before the operation by being informed of what was going to happen. Unfortunately the weather gods decided to dump a whole bunch of snow on us so the staff was pretty thin which meant that we spent six hours at the hospital waiting for a total of 45 minutes worth of information. Not the best way to start out but what are you going to do? I was just happy that we made it to the hospital at all :)

A C-section apparently requires every human being on the planet to be present in the operating room. We had doctors specializing in anesthetics, nurses, surgeons, assisting surgeons, more nurses, midwives, the whole shebang. I'm pretty sure I got my tax worth that day :) So maybe not the entire population of planet earth, a healthy percentage at least. It was pretty cool to watch what can only be described as a well choreographed dance happen around you. Everybody knew they function, when to do what, where to go next. Awesome, just awesome. Of course this brings my mind to the process of developing software, I think the bar may have been raising for where we need to go with our development efforts in the future but that's for a different post altogether.

All went well. Baby Christoffer was born February 23rd at 10:17 weighing 3100 g. and 50 cm. of length. He was born just 15 minutes after the surgery started. The entire thing was over in 45 minutes, the same amount of time spent by the staff telling us about it. Fun coincidence don't you think?

I'll never forget sitting holding my wife's hand and hearing for the first time the voice of my son as he was delivered into this world by capable hands. Of course I didn't cry I merely had something in my eye :)

Of course it's every parent's right to spam friends, family, and the internets with lots and lots of baby pictures but I'll spare you for now and only post a couple:

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# Tuesday, 20 February 2007

I recently took a look at NDepend to checkout whether I'd be able to do some analysis of our solutions with regard to code reviews and overall architural integrity. I must admit that I didn't get the tool, I went ahead and looked at some of the reports but the main window of the tool is just extremely busy. Finding heads and tails of it was beyond me in the 15 minutes I looked at it. Basically I decided that it generated some interesting reports but that it really wouldn't be all that helpful.

I'm thinking that I might have to give the tool a second chance having read Scott Hanselman's post Exiting The Zone of Pain - Static Analysis with NDepend. Getting a down to earth explanation of how to read the charts really made sense of some of the stuff I was seeing. However I still feel that the main window requires lots more investigation before I can effectively use it some anything. The real power of NDepend seems to me to be the query language which lets you find stuff like unused methods. ReSharper already does this for me but only in a very localized way, i.e. only the file I'm currently working on. Having the ability to do this globally in a solutions really appeals to me.

Back to NDepend for a close look.

Conclusion: First read Scott Hanselman's post on NDepend then go download and play around with it.

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The tool which every .NET developer need but don't know about is out with a new version bringing us up to version 5. Check out what Reflector is and why you need it.

Download Reflector 5

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Introduces features such as Windows Vista support and support for hardware virtualization found in newer CPUs. Also my experience is that you'll gain a performance boost with this version even on machines without hardware virtualization. My three year old laptop was none too happy about running VPCs on Windows XP with Virtual PC 2004. With Windows Vista and Virtual PC 2007 however everything seems to run more smoothly.

Download Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

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# Monday, 19 February 2007
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