# Tuesday, 30 January 2007

"From the Incompetent's perspective, it seemed like any other contract. Some company needed a few weeks of work done on some C#-based web service. However, on his first day, the company did something a little unexpected."
[The Contractor's Note]

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Nvidia has finally released a final version (100.54) of their Windows Vista driver for GeForce 8800. Grab it from their site. I'm getting ready to install it myself and have heard rumors that the SLI capabilities are somewhat lacking in this version. Expect frequent releases from Nvidia from this point on.

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# Sunday, 28 January 2007

Does Firefox stick out like a sore thumb in your fresh Windows Vista installation? It sure did in mine so I was very glad to find that someone went ahead and did something about it and that that someone wasn't yours truly :)

*solidfilter from DeviantArt has the goods. Want to make Firefox go from this:


To this:


Then take a look at the Windows Vista theme for Firefox. The download link is for a .jar file and if you're like me you won't have any idea of what to do with it so to save you the bit of trouble I went through: You just need to open Tools => Add-ons => Themes window and drag the .jar file onto it. Presto. Easy if you know how.

One thing I noticed is that there seems to be a small incompatability between the Tabmix Plus extension and the theme as a small graphical error appears next to the close button in inactive tabs. You can remove the close button the Tabmix Plus extension but I'm sure a fix will come along.

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# Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Yes it's finally here. I use finally lightly as the development cycle of the product has been anything but slow and now we've got the final version to play around with.

"ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 delivers a rich client-side AJAX library that provides cross platform, cross browser support for a core JavaScript type-system, JSON-based network serialization stack, JavaScript component/control model, as well as common client JavaScript helper classes.  ASP.NET AJAX also delivers a rich server-side library that integrates AJAX functionality within ASP.NET, and enables developers to easily AJAX-enable existing ASP.NET 2.0 sites with minimal effort."

[ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 Released]

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# Monday, 22 January 2007

Lots and lots of people have taken a look at Windows Vista and found it underwhelming. I've been playing around with Vista since beta 1 and basically I took a very cynical stance too. I simply couldn't see Windows Vista brings to the table when compared to Windows XP. Sure the Aero glass interface is pretty, sure Windows Vista brings a lot of new stuff beneath the covers but why should the average consumer really care about stuff you only get to see if you're a developer?

Having had a chance to use the final version of Windows Vista since the release to MSDN in November on my primary machine at home I can now finally point to a number of features which are sure to impress and increase productivity. As hinted they are not immediately obvious to new users of the OS which is something I hope to remedy with a series of articles starting with the single most important feature as seen from an end user perspective: Search.

We've had desktop search around for some time so what makes the Windows Vista desktop search so different that I would actually sit down and do an article about it? As it turns out having search deeply integrated in the shell makes all the difference in the world. I've given Google Desktop, Windows Desktop Search, and Copernic Desktop Search multiple tries but they've never stuck. Of the three Copernic stayed on my system the longest but ultimately it had to go too. The main reason was that they simply needn't allow me to access my stuff faster than I was able to without all the "help". Out they went and I never looked back. One desktop search-like program which actually stuck was Launchy which I've raved about a number of times on this blog. Launchy makes me more efficient in that it allows me to launch programs much quicker than I would normally be able to.

Search from the Start Menu

It would seem that Microsoft found this to be a good idea also as they've gone ahead and implemented the same functionality in Windows Vista. They've actually done one better than that and enhanced the experience to make a remarkably nice keyboard driven interface.

Take a look at the screenshot below and notice the "Start Search" box at the bottom of the start menu. Yes, search is integrated right into the start menu and provides easy access for every single aspect of the start menu. When you popup the start menu the field has focus and you just start typing to start the search. The results are refined as you type.

Want to launch Firefox? Just type start typing "firefox" in the search box and look what happens. What the screenshot doesn't convey is the speed of this thing. It's lightning fast; you literally type firefox, push enter, and up comes Firefox. No waiting at all.

Now what if you had a particular web site in mind? You can actually just launch a URL directly from the start menu. No need to go through the process of opening the browser and typing the URL. Just enter the URL in the start menu and watch your default browser pop up with the URL you just specified. Don't let the Favorites and History heading fool you any URL will do. Speaking of Favorites and History. You can access that too. Yes I do spend way too much on Digg.com :)

Search from Windows Explorer

Another cool thing is the ability to search from anywhere in the system using Windows Explorer. Notice the search box at the top right corner of the Explorer window? That box is pretty much omni-present in Windows Vista. Open Explorer it's there, open Control Panel, it's there. Open Printers, it's... well you get the idea. Everything is driven by Windows Explorer like in Windows XP which is why you get the search capability anywhere. It works much like the start menu: Stat typing and the contents are filtered accordingly. Also you get the ability to search current folder and subfolders in one go. Don't worry if you like the old behavior where focus moves according to what you enter you can simply turn off the "search when you type" feature. Also searches can be saved as virtual folders making for some interesting use cases.

Vanilla Desktop Search

Windows Vista has got something for those who likes the standard desktop search experience. We're all familiar with the search window which provides access to the standard search packages. You basically get that too although I can't really see why you would want to use it with the rich integration provided by the previous two features I described. Click the Search item on the start menu and you get the search window.

There you go. The Windows Vista search capability is truly the killer feature of the OS seen from an end-user perspective in that it provides easy access to files for people not too comfortable with using computers and it provides quick access to programs, files, and settings for those of us who know our way around the computer. Integrated search is the one feature I miss when I sit down with a Windows XP computer as the habit of pushing the Windows key and entering the name of the program I want is already pretty much down.


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# Sunday, 21 January 2007

... Shoots Itself in Foot in Process. I find the story about Krak demanding a fee for a link to one of their maps on their site highly amusing. Surely they must know how the Internet works and have sent the letter as some kind of premature April fools joke?!

Even if they do have the law on their side they must know that this kind of action is highly damaging to their reputation. With the online map business being what it is I wouldn't stomp around pissing my customers off. There are better and free alternatives out there like Google Maps, Live Maps, and Yahoo Maps.

Here's the story in Danish from the guy who received the letter and here's the story in English from his friend along with the Digg article which I would like you to go digg.

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# Thursday, 18 January 2007

Here's something interesting I literally stumbled upon tonight: Hamachi is a VPN client which allows you to create VPN between a number of computers. And here's the kicker: It does it P2P style meaning no central server needs to be setup. It even provides NAT traversal by employing a mediation server to create the initial connection. Here's what the site says:

"LogMeIn Hamachi is a zero-configuration virtual private networking (VPN) application.
In other words Hamachi is a program that allows you to arrange multiple computers into their own secure network just as if they were connected by a physical network cable."

Check out Hamachi. If you have doubts read more about Hamachi on Wikipedia. Alternatively you can take a look at OpenVPN which does much the same thing.

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# Wednesday, 17 January 2007

UPDATE: Since writing this post Nvidia has released an official version of the driver.

If you own a GeForce 8800 graphics adapter and have tried getting it to run under Windows Vista you know it's impossible. At least it was impossible up to this point. Today I found an unreleased version of the ForceWare drivers for Windows Vista 32/64-bit. They are versioned 100.30. There are some caveats to running these drivers so check out the details at the download site. Most notably is the bug which causes the resolution to revert to 1024x768 when resuming from standby.

These are beta and should be treated with care. Only install them if you know what you are doing. You can damage your installation by running these.

ForceWare Vista 100.30 (GeForce 8800) x86

ForceWare Vista 100.30 (GeForce 8800) x64

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It's been a long time since I got my C++ on. I never actually got much further than playing around with it but I do enjoy a good quote which nails the essence of something completely:

"C makes it easy to shoot yourself in the foot; C++ makes it harder, but when you do it blows your whole leg off."

Bjarne Stoustrup

Check out the article The Problem with C++ for more. Thanks to Simon who sent this along.

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# Tuesday, 16 January 2007
This makes me so glad that I went ahead and got an education instead of pursuing that life of crime I originally had planned out :) Thanks to Anders who sent this along.

Worst Burglar Ever.

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I'm proud to announce that we launched our new site for the company today. Very pretty, very Aero-like in appearance. I think that this site bests most of the other company sites out there but that's just my personal and completely unbiased opinion :) Unfortunately I can't take credit for this one; Sune and Troels did the work in SharePoint 2007 and Creative United put together the design.

Check it out.

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