# Tuesday, 16 January 2007
This makes me so glad that I went ahead and got an education instead of pursuing that life of crime I originally had planned out :) Thanks to Anders who sent this along.

Worst Burglar Ever.

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I'm proud to announce that we launched our new site for the company today. Very pretty, very Aero-like in appearance. I think that this site bests most of the other company sites out there but that's just my personal and completely unbiased opinion :) Unfortunately I can't take credit for this one; Sune and Troels did the work in SharePoint 2007 and Creative United put together the design.

Check it out.

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# Thursday, 11 January 2007

I've been listening to the Windows Weekly podcast featuring Paul Thurrott of WinSuperSite fame. I enjoy the format very much and it reminds me of DotNetRocks in that it provides the same insight into Microsoft but in other areas which DotNetRocks doesn't cover. I highly recommend it for weekly Vista news.

Also check out the comprehensive review Paul Thurrott did of Windows Vista.

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A colleague of mine sent me this breaking news story: The Zune Phone.

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# Wednesday, 10 January 2007

I read Omar Shanine's post about Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 and how it puts an Updater5 folder in your documents folder and never thought twice about it. Sure it's annoying but hey that's why I set the path of my documents folder to my personal folder instead. Keeps my documents folder nice and clean and allows me to access everything right from the start menu. Handy.

The point of this post however is that today I noticed that Reader 8 was updating itself and in doing so I wanted to see what it was doing. In doing so it turned out that you can actually configure the place where the updates are stored. I went to Help / Check for Updates, clicked Preferences. From there I simply changed the Updater5 folder location to c:\Windows\Temp.

I did try to find the option in Edit / Preferences but I wasn't able to find it there. Not too obvious that you would need to check for updates to actually change the settings. Oh well. No more Updater5 folder in your documents, Omar.

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With some hours gone by since the announcement of the iPhone I thought it interesting to see what reactions different people have to this thing.

First up a hands on from David Pogue, New York Times:

"Today, I had meetings with with Steve Jobs and then Phil Schiller, Apple’s director of worldwide marketing. I basically played with the iPhone the entire hour.

Here are some of the things you can’t tell without actually handling and using the iPhone."

[Some Hands-On Time With the iPhone]

Omar Shanine also has some interesting things to say about the thing. Most of which actually mirrors my own thoughts in that we'll be seeing a version 1 product with bugs and niggles which need to be worked out. Luckily they'll probably get there before the European launch:

"Here is the thing with the iPhone. Yes it's cool... and yes it has some crazy cool new features. However, there is a reason it's going to be out in June. It's probably horribly buggy and incomplete. There is going to be a ton of NEW software running on this thing. Mac OS X on a tiny device the size of the Q powering your Phone, IMAP IDLE connection etc? It's going to Crash, need reboots, be slow, lock up (hellooooo spinning beach ball), have trouble answering the phone and so on. You know it will, you just don't know it yet because you haven't lived with one."

[Thoughts on the macworld keynote]

Also I don't know how Apple can get away with calling this thing the iPhone with Cisco releasing a product with the same name weeks before. Finally the Macworld keynote is online at the Apple site if you want to see the whole thing and maybe learn a thing or two about how to give a really great presentation :)

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# Tuesday, 09 January 2007

Yes after years of speculation Apple announced the iPod Phone and I got to say that it looks pretty sweet. I may have to revisit my stance on the Samsung SGH-i600 :) Unfortunately it won't be available in Europe until Q4.

Also the iTV was announced now called Apple TV. Basically a streaming box. Not all that exciting in my mind. They snuck out an update to the AirPort Extreme as well which enables 802.11n.

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# Monday, 08 January 2007

Do you wonder how the ADO.NET Entity Framework fits into the whole LINQ story? I did too. I actually didn't see the point in this framework with LINQ doing almost the same thing. Channel9 has a video which cleared the whole thing up for me and man am I excited about it. LINQ/ADO.NET Entities could prove to be the most significant feature of the Orcas release. I know it is for me. There are probably a couple of ORM vendors out there feeling the same way :)

ADO.NET Entity Framework: What. How. Why.

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# Saturday, 06 January 2007

It took a while but I've finally gotten around to uploading the photos I took at TechEd 2006. Check them out at Flickr.

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# Friday, 05 January 2007

Here's something interesting to hosters and developers out there.

This document describes a series of performance tests conducted for Commerce Server 2007 using the Commerce Server 2007 Starter Site. The hardware and software configurations used in the testing are described and the results are summarized. Some recommendations for improving performance are also provided.

Commerce Server 2007 Performance Guide

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I've been on the lookout for a new phone but I didn't really know what I was looking for. I'm pretty happy with my non-smartphone but it dawned on me that what I'm really missing is e-mail and Messenger support with which I could ditch the laptop in many situations.


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# Wednesday, 03 January 2007

I'm surprised to find that Adobe has actually created a version of Acrobat Reader that doesn't suck. Yes you read that right: It doesn't suck. It's speedy loading up documents as quickly as FoxItReader. Another new feature is that you can select text in a PDF without clicking a button to do so first. Welcome to 2007 Adobe glad you could join the rest of us :) Also the UI has been revamped removing the ridiculous Yahoo toolbar and generally making for a much nicer and clean experience.

They're still trying to bundle all sorts of crap with the product when you download it but I'd still give it a whirl now that they're to par with third party products.

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Once in a while I come across blogs which are truly different and inspiring. One such example is the Chief Happiness Officer blog by Alexander Kjeruff. It's very different from what I usually read and that makes it even better in that it gives me a different perspective that I wouldn't usually get.

Check out his latest post which highlights some of the best posts from 2006. I only recently started reading the blog but if the list is representative of overall content I think it's safe to say that I'm hooked. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every post on that list. I think you will too :) This post stood out to me the most How Not to Lead Geeks.

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