# Friday, 03 November 2006

So I've wanted to try out Windows Live Writer for a while now but of course DasBlog 1.8 doesn't work with Windows Live Writer. The other night I got around to finally updating my blog to version 1.9 which should have support for Windows Live Writer. If you are reading this it works :)

Hey it actually does work and it includes a thumbnail feature as well. It even configures itself with DasBlog so I'm able to upload images. I've used BlogJet up to this point but I actually think Live Writer is turning out to be a better more polished product. And it's free too :)

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A colleague (thanks Troels) sent me this link this morning. What a great way of starting out the day  It gets even more interesting when I consider the fact that we share building with a telemarketing company. Should I go downstairs and hand them the link?

Without further ado here’s How to Prank a Telemarketer. As an added bonus here’s Bush singing Bloody Sunday.

And here are some more prank calls for you http://www.eugenemirman.com/showandtell.html


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# Wednesday, 01 November 2006

CommerceServerThe Commerce Server team has released the final build of the Starter Site. I’ve already gone ahead and deployed it to one of my test environments and it looks solid. Not much different than the CTP version really.

More interesting is the fact that they have started a Commerce Server Team blog which I’m sure will bring lots of valuable information.

Download the Starter Site.

Check out the Commerce Server team blog.

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# Sunday, 29 October 2006

37slogo-transI was given a copy of the book “Getting Real” by 37signals a while back and have had it lying around until recently when I decided to give it a read. I’m pretty impressed with what they have to say about software development. Lots of fresh ideas, lots of food for thought. Although I don’t agree with everything they state they do have some good points. Definitely worth a read.

If you do decide to read it be advised that a lot of what they say is related to their situation only. As an example they state that requirements gathering is a waste of time. Which is it, for them. They are developing their own service and as such is their own customer. For people in the consultancy business stuff like requirements gathering is very important, for people like 37signals not so much.

37signals is now giving away the book so there’s really no excuse not to read it. It’s a quick read too.

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# Thursday, 26 October 2006

Visualstudio_logoA while back I had some trouble with Visual Studio Team System and tests which suddenly couldn’t be run. VS simply marked them with a red icon and told med that the test in question is unrunnable. I was able to work around the issue by renaming the classes in my tests but that really wasn’t a very good way to go about it so I posted to the Microsoft forums at http://forums.microsoft.com.

A couple of guys from Microsoft were kind enough to respond but I never did find a solution to my particular issue. Now, however, Luis Fdez responded with a suggestion which I haven’t had a chance to try out yet, but I thought it important enough to post it here immediately if anyone else is experiencing the same issue.

Basically you should try to open the Test View or Test Manager and click Refresh which should fix it.

Take a look at the thread if you have any input or interest in the issue.

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ARNETI had a pretty interesting issue with Data Dynamics Active Reports this week. Active Reports has proven itself to be a very reliable product with only a couple of minor issues which have been methodically ironed out by Data Dynamics so I was pretty perplexed to see this behavior.

Basically what happened was that I would instantiate a new Active Report, call its Run() method, and then nothing. Run() never completed and I was left with terminating the host process manually. Neat.

Luckily Data Dynamics forums came to my rescue and suggested that I add a reference to ActiveReports.Interop.dll to my project which I did and everything has been fine from that point on. I guess that at some point I’ve gotten the interop assembly from a previous version of AR deployed and my build was compiled with a newer version. So when I deployed I’d ended up in a situation where newer versions of all the other AR assemblies would reside in my bin folder along with the older version.

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# Tuesday, 24 October 2006

CommerceServerThe sales material for Commerce Server 2007 states that standard edition supports Data warehousing and Analytics. Be advised that this is not the case. Microsoft is aware of the documentation issue and is working on fixing it.

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# Monday, 23 October 2006

CommerceServerSo I’ve been fighting with the Commerce Server 2000 BizDesk the last couple of days. On October 19th Microsoft issued a couple of security updates among which KB924191. This patch specifically disables MSXML 2.6 as detailed in knowledge base article MS06-061: Vulnerabilities in Microsoft XML Core Services could allow remote code execution, a good thing too considering the severity of the issue.

However this meant that people suddenly was unable to search for products in the BizDesk catalog system. Clicking the “Find” button simply didn’t do anything. I tracked down the code responsible for searching in the /Microsoft Commerce Server/Widgets/ListHTC/ListSheet.htc where, of course, I found hard coded version progids for MSXML2. Once found the fix was quite easy: Simply remove the version specific parts of the progid and the BizDesk is flying once again. Additionally several other pieces of code in the BizDesk are affected so you need to track down the 2.6 version progids adn remove them to get everything working. Specifically I found references to MSXML2.XMLHTTP.2.6.

Talk about detective work

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# Wednesday, 18 October 2006

BusyHave long processes that your users aren’t patient enough to wait for? Live up their experience with a busy box. I had some problems with payment processing taking very long time to finish so I decided to do a little something for the user.

I would have used BusyBox.NET but sadly this was on an classic ASP 3.0 project so I had to use something else. For my ASP site I went with Mark Wagner’s BusyBox.

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# Wednesday, 11 October 2006

Great productivity booster.

I found a neat little feature in Launchy today: Directories. Basically Launchy allows me to index folders around my hard drive. I connect to a lot of Remote Desktops every day thus I’ve put the feature to good use by creating a folder with all my Remote Desktop connections so I just need to type the name of the machine I need to connect to and boom I’m there.

Next I think I need to create a folder with shortcuts to actual folders I access a lot such as documents, Visual Studio Projects, and so on.

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