# Monday, 19 June 2006

WesterndigitalI’ve been swearing to the Samsung Spinpoint P120 drives for very quiet PCs in the past but have been frustrated with the low max capacity of the drive (250GB). Now it seems I’ve found a great alternative in the Western Digital Caviar SE16 500GB.

SilentPCReview basically says that this drive is the quietest of all desktop drives available today, it even comes close to the good old Seagate Baracuda IV which has been reigning king forever. I know it’s bad form but I couldn’t resist taking this snip,

For once, a hard drive has lived up to its marketing claims. The 500 GB Caviar SE16 is the quietest 3.5" desktop drive that we know of on the market today. Not only is it quieter than all of the other high capacity drives that we've looked at, it also beats the Samsung Spinpoint P80 and gives the venerable Barracuda IV a run for the money. These are old drives with fewer platters that have less than one sixth the capacity of the new Western Digital.

Western Digital Caviar SE16 500GB: Big Low-Noise Champ?

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# Sunday, 18 June 2006

Well maybe not exactly but Windows Vista does come with an implementation of Launchy which to me is great news seeing as Launchy is the best thing which has happend since sliced bread

Basically you pop up the startmenu using the WIN key and you’re ready to type just like you are with the Lacunhy shortcut. In previous builds of Windows Vista I didn’t even consider using the feature it was so slow, not so with beta 2. Everything is snappy and happends instantaneously.

I do believe that the startmenu search feature will be my favorite feature of Vista.

Oh yeah, did I mention that Vista is fast on a desktop machine? Stay tuned for more posts about Vista, the next one will probably be about how I lost all my data due to running beta versions of both my OS and Office

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Up until this point I've only ever tried out Windows Vista on my laptop and have found the performance to be lacking. I'm pleased to inform you that Windows Vista runs sooo much more smoothly on a desktop machine. I mean we're talking leaps and bounds here. Granted my laptop is getting a bit long in the tooth but we're still talking 1.5GHz Penitum-M with a 7200 RPM hard drive, and a gig of memory. Not too shabby even for a two year old laptop.

My desktop machine is equipped with a Pentium 4 with Hyperthreading, and my guess is that the hyperthreading is making all the difference in the world, seeing as the only difference between my laptop and my dekstop machine is the CPU. My desktop is even older than the laptop in any case :) Vista seems to be much more comfortable in a hyperthreaded or even better a dual core environment.

If you were to ask me about one thing to make sure to get for your Vista machine it would definitely be a dual core CPU of some kind.

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I forgot to point out one important piece of information from Ryan Donovan's CS 2007 release post. What I failed to mention because my job generally doesn't entail having to deal with licenses and such is that pricing and the editions of CS will remain the same for 2007 as they were for 2002. So that's good news :) Now we can back to the regular scheduled programming involving all the fun technical stuff :)

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# Saturday, 17 June 2006

I am pleased to report that Commerce Server 2007 has shipped (or RTM-ed in MicroSpeak). Tonight the team has signed off on the Enterprise, Standard, and Evaluation editions in English, French, German, and Japanese. This is another remarkable day in Commerce Server history – as it represents the culmination of 2.5++ years worth of efforts to bring what we think is a very cool solution to market, featuring major enhancements“

Commerce Server 2007 has shipped!

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# Wednesday, 14 June 2006

"Use the Interview Worksheets during the interview process to assess a candidate’s level of proficiency for this competency. Competency questions are included along with space to note the candidate’s response and your thoughts about it. After the interview, use your notes to rate the candidate’s overall proficiency level within this competency."

Education Competencies: Interview Worksheets

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# Tuesday, 13 June 2006

CommerceServerWith Commerce Server almost done it’s good to hear that the StarterSite is receiving extra attention and that it will be available as a web download meaning that we’ll see more frequent releases than we did with the retail sites.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing what the final StarterSite has to offer as the beta version didn’t have a whole lot to look at. Lets hope that folks have gotten the message and don’t base their entire frontend on the StarterSite which has been the case often times in the past.

Check out the Starter Site Update post by Ryan Donovan for more information.

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# Saturday, 10 June 2006

NETFwLooks like we can stop thinking about WinFX and concentrate on .NET Framework 3.0 instead. Somasegar announced that WinFX will be renamed to .NET Framework 3.0. Note that the CLR will still be 2.0 so no innovations on that front. Also worth of note is that this will not affect shipping dates in any way, seems pretty straightforward that it shouldn’t but there I said it

.NET Framework 3.0

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# Friday, 09 June 2006
CommerceServerYou can now find the CS07 RC documentation on MSDN.
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# Sunday, 04 June 2006

CoreDuo2I’ve been waiting for AMD and Intel to release their new platforms before getting a new PC for the home office. Specifically Intel interests me as they have a new architecture which promises to bring both higher speeds and lower power consumption. What is interesting is the price of these new parts. While the AMD parts are keeping their prices while not introducing any significant performance gains, the Intel parts show real promise: Not only performance wise but also in their pricing which seems to be very competitive with AMD.

SHG.dk has prices on the new Intel parts already and I expect that they will drop a little before introduction as was the case when they had AMD AM2 prices listed before launch. Of course we can expect the Core Duo 2 chips to become available July 23rd.

Worth of note is that Intel is keeping the LGA775 socket around this time while AMD has introduced a new socket called AM2. This means that many custom coolers can be used with the new Intel chips and not with the AMD chips.

Also Nvidia will be launching their nForce5xx chipset for the Intel platform which to me is very interesting as there hasn’t really been a good SLI chipset for Nvidia cards and Intel up until this point. Yes the previous nForce chipset is available but I really don’t see that as a really solid SLI platform for Intel compared to what we’ve got available on the AMD platform.

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