# Sunday, 04 June 2006

CoreDuo2I’ve been waiting for AMD and Intel to release their new platforms before getting a new PC for the home office. Specifically Intel interests me as they have a new architecture which promises to bring both higher speeds and lower power consumption. What is interesting is the price of these new parts. While the AMD parts are keeping their prices while not introducing any significant performance gains, the Intel parts show real promise: Not only performance wise but also in their pricing which seems to be very competitive with AMD.

SHG.dk has prices on the new Intel parts already and I expect that they will drop a little before introduction as was the case when they had AMD AM2 prices listed before launch. Of course we can expect the Core Duo 2 chips to become available July 23rd.

Worth of note is that Intel is keeping the LGA775 socket around this time while AMD has introduced a new socket called AM2. This means that many custom coolers can be used with the new Intel chips and not with the AMD chips.

Also Nvidia will be launching their nForce5xx chipset for the Intel platform which to me is very interesting as there hasn’t really been a good SLI chipset for Nvidia cards and Intel up until this point. Yes the previous nForce chipset is available but I really don’t see that as a really solid SLI platform for Intel compared to what we’ve got available on the AMD platform.

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# Friday, 02 June 2006

Here’s an obscure fact for you if you’re still running Commerce Server 2000. Recently we needed to upgrade our database server which is running on Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2003 SP1. Now SP1 introduces some new security aspects for MSDTC which means that requests can be authenticated. Unfortunately for Commerce Server 2000 the default setting is to authenticate everything which renders CS unable to connect to its data store. The symptom of this is varied: I’ve experienced both a direct error from MSDTC and a non responding web site and, the former is easily diagnosed the latter is not.

The solution to this mess is the following:

Through Run in the start menu bring up dcomcnfg.

Expanded the Component Services / Computers nodes.

Right-click My Computer and choose Properties.

Click the MSDTC tab.

Click the Security Configuration Button.

Check the Network DTC Access.

Set No Authentication Required.

Click OK.






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# Wednesday, 31 May 2006

CommerceServerVinayak has a great post on the expanded virtual catalog feature of Commerce Server 2007. If you are wondering what the new version of CS will bring check it out. Here’s a snip for you:

“Virtual catalogs is a key feature we improved upon in Commerce Server 2007 to allow you to further customize your base and virtual catalogs. These features will enable additional  scenarios which were not possible in previous versions. If you are not familiar with virtual catalogs, read this post.”

New Virtual catalog features in Commerce Server 2007

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# Tuesday, 30 May 2006

CommerceServerIn case you were wondering whether we would be left out in the cold with regards to Business Tool customization you can put your unease to rest. Ryan Donovan blogs in no uncertain terms that we will be able to modify the Business Tools as Microsoft will be making the source code available. Great news indeed.

Thanks to Simon for pointing the post out as I missed it entirely:


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Launchy2I while back I wrote about Launchy which I described as a command prompt for the start menu. I usually don’t write followups for software I recommend but in this instance I’m making an exception as Launchy is THE best damn piece of software I’ve installed on my computer in a long time and here’s why:

I’ve been trying to make access to my programs faster; the time from thought to launch should literally be less than 2 seconds. So far I’ve tried manually reorganizing the startmenu, using My Documents as base folder for my apps, having programs running in the tray and so forth. All these things have helped marginally but I’ve always felt that something more could be done.

Enter Launchy. If you haven’t already given the application a fair chance please do so. I’m pretty sure that if you give a week or two where you try to incorporate it into the way you work, you’ll see the light  Just think of programs such as Internet Information Services Manager, Computer Management both deeply buried in the Administrative Tools, you can have at them very quickly with Launchy.

I pretty much don’t use the startmenu any more. Just for that rare access to something new I can’t remember the name of. Nothing more. Total bliss.

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# Monday, 29 May 2006

Flower07ThumbI recently got a new monitor, a big huge 23 incher. Now what do you do with all that screen real estate? You go out and find some high solution desktop pictures of course

I was lucky enough to happen upon Michael Swanson’s blog in my first try where I found a nice series of macro shots of plants. Boy are they good, so good in fact that I’m having a couple of them framed for my walls.

Also Michael is a Microsoft employee involved with the Vista wave of products. Now there’s a strange coincidence for you.

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# Tuesday, 23 May 2006

ReSharper20FinalI was beginning to think that Jetbrains would never actually get ReSharper 2.0 out of perpetual beta. It seems though that that is just what has happend: ReSharper 2.0 is done and ready for prime time.

I sure will be taking this one for a test drive through one of our largest solutions to gauge the performance which previously has been a big issue.

Jetbrains ReSharper 2.0

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# Monday, 22 May 2006

A new version of Cool Commands is available adding a couple of new … well … cool commands

  • Open Containing Folder for Files.
  • Copy Reference.
  • Add Projects from Folder.

CoolCommands 3.0 for Visual Studio 2005

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# Friday, 19 May 2006

Of course you knew that IIf is a method and not a language feature of VB.NET. Now did you also know that whatever you pass to a method is evaluated before the method actually receives it? This has all kinds of fun implications for the unknowing developer.

If you do any kind of development using VB.NET I urge you to take a look at VB.Net Tip: IIF is a function, not a language feature. It’ll save you some head scratching later on I guarantee it.

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