# Monday, 29 May 2006

Flower07ThumbI recently got a new monitor, a big huge 23 incher. Now what do you do with all that screen real estate? You go out and find some high solution desktop pictures of course

I was lucky enough to happen upon Michael Swanson’s blog in my first try where I found a nice series of macro shots of plants. Boy are they good, so good in fact that I’m having a couple of them framed for my walls.

Also Michael is a Microsoft employee involved with the Vista wave of products. Now there’s a strange coincidence for you.

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# Tuesday, 23 May 2006

ReSharper20FinalI was beginning to think that Jetbrains would never actually get ReSharper 2.0 out of perpetual beta. It seems though that that is just what has happend: ReSharper 2.0 is done and ready for prime time.

I sure will be taking this one for a test drive through one of our largest solutions to gauge the performance which previously has been a big issue.

Jetbrains ReSharper 2.0

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# Monday, 22 May 2006

A new version of Cool Commands is available adding a couple of new … well … cool commands

  • Open Containing Folder for Files.
  • Copy Reference.
  • Add Projects from Folder.

CoolCommands 3.0 for Visual Studio 2005

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# Friday, 19 May 2006

Of course you knew that IIf is a method and not a language feature of VB.NET. Now did you also know that whatever you pass to a method is evaluated before the method actually receives it? This has all kinds of fun implications for the unknowing developer.

If you do any kind of development using VB.NET I urge you to take a look at VB.Net Tip: IIF is a function, not a language feature. It’ll save you some head scratching later on I guarantee it.

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# Wednesday, 17 May 2006

CommerceServerLooks like we’ll have a release candidate of Commerce Server 2006 to play around with very soon according to Ryan Donovan’s post Release Candidate: On Final Approach....

I’m currently looking into the new stuff provided by the new release having previously worked with both 2000 and 2002. Lots of new stuff has been added along with improvements on what was already there making it cooler than ever.

Looking forward to getting my hands dirty with some code.

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I’m a huge fan of software which does one thing only and does it very well. For screen capturing Cropper fits the bill perfectly. I often find myself communicating using screen captures to get a point across more clearly and Cropper comes in handy every time.

It being developed using the .NET Framework and C# adds major bonus points in my book as well  Be sure to check out Brian Scott’s blog who develops Cropper.

Definitely on my short list of utilities which get installed first thing after a repave.

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LINQScott Guthrie is on a roll with posts lately. The last one is about databinding with the insanely powerful LINQ technology. I can’t believe how incredibly elegant this is. You need to go check out what the future holds for databinding and data manipulation in .NET in general. For more information about LINQ please check out the MSDN page for LINQ.

“I’m going to put together a few blog postings over the next few weeks that show off ways to use LINQ/DLINQ/XLINQ within ASP.NET projects.  This first walkthrough below will help you get started and introduce some of the important LINQ concepts.  You can follow-along by downloading the May CTP LINQ preview above and typing in the code below (I list all of it below), or you can download and run the complete .zip file of my samples here (note: you still need to install the LINQ May CTP drop for the .zip file of samples to work).”


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# Sunday, 14 May 2006

Now here’s something interesting: A blogging tool from the company who claimed that the Internets was a fad  All jokes aside the UI looks pretty cool and I’ll certainly give it a spin.

Head on over to wincustomize.com and check out the small piece they posted on Office 2007 and the blogging tool:  Microsoft Office 2007 Office Vista - a first look.

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PaintnetlogoPlease somebody explain to me why Microsoft hasn’t bought Paint.NET and integrated it into Vista? Paint has been around forever and needs its retirement  The developer keeps a blog too: Rick Brewster's blog.

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AirfoilThe Apple folks has had it all in the past: First iTunes, then Airport Express, and lastly Airfoil from Rogue Amoeba. The Airport Express is a nifty piece of hardware which allows you to stream your music to a set of speakers wirelessly. The one caveat to this was that you could only do so from iTunes on the PC tying you to Apple’s music platform.

I use the past tense because Rogue Amoeba (love the name) has released a beta of their Airfoil application which acts as a shim between any audio application and the Airport Express allowing you to stream from any application to you Airport Express.

I’ve already bought a license for the sucker because I live in an area where radio reception is extremely bad but with Airfoil I simply fire up Media Player and connect it to my favorite net radio station and presto: Beautiful reception where previously there was none.

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# Saturday, 13 May 2006

LaunchyBlogJetScott Hanselman turned me on the Launchy with his Replacing Start|Run episode of Hanselminutes (a fantastic podcast BTW). With Launchy installed you basically push a shortcut key which pops up a small text area where you start typing. Launchy will then search your startmenu for that particular piece of text on the fly and present you with a likely match. Pushing enter will then launch the program. Pretty neat.

I brought up BlogJet in a flash via Launchy by typing blog. Think of it as intellisense for your startmenu.


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# Thursday, 11 May 2006

Visualstudio_logoMicrosoft was kind enough to release the Consoles font from Vista for VS 2005. I hadn’t noticed the first time around how nice this font is but it does actually make a difference when reading coding although it did take some getting used to before I was convinced. Give it day before you decide.

I highly recommend downloading and installing it.

Both Scott Hanselman with Consolas Font Family now available for download and guidmaster with Consolas Font Pack tuned me in to this one. Thanks.

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