# Friday, 08 October 2004

Google's Gmail got some new features this week and one of them is what I characterize as a killer feature: Automatic mail forward. This basically lets you forward anything you get on your Gmail account to any other e-mail account, you can either specify that all e-mail should be forwarded or forward by rules. Pretty slick.

What I use it for is instant online backup of my e-mail. I have some DNS mailforwards set up for this domain which I have routed through Gmail and on to my POP3 account at my ISP. This way I get instant backup of everything I receive and I can access all my mail online.

I think this may mark the beginning of me using Gmail more... Now if only I could get those pesky Hotmail mails routed through Gmail also :)

Here is the list of all the new features:

  • Gmail Notifier: Notifies you of new mail on your account (Nothing special here, people have been doing this from day one .... well almost).
  • Search Contacts
  • Save Drafts
  • Automatic Forword to Another E-mail Account :)
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# Friday, 01 October 2004

This guy certainly thinks that OOP is an evil concept, I wonder if it will ever catch on :)

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# Thursday, 30 September 2004

I enjoy reading the Powertoys WebLog quite a bit, there are some real gems from time to time. Today was one of those times with a gem: Spell checkers for Visual Studio. I cringe whenever I notice a spelling error so this is the tool for me :)

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# Wednesday, 29 September 2004

When I was first starting out using NUnit (read: a couple of months ago) I was using a class with hardcoded values for configuration of my unit tests. Of course a much smarter thing to do would have been to use the built in support for config files.

Say you want to test foo.dll, you would then place a foo.dll.config along side of the assembly and place the appropriate values inside the XML files in the appSettings section. Easy as that :)

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# Tuesday, 28 September 2004
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Here's a little tidbit about what the Connection Lifetime keyword does and why you need to understand it. I really had no idea, guess this is what makes blog so great, you get the word directly from the source :)

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# Wednesday, 22 September 2004

Have you ever wanted to download the MSDN webcasts and listen to them offline? Well now apparently you can due to the effort put in by the folks behind Webcast Y where the goal is to keep a complete archive of downloadable webcasts.

Great initiative which I see myself using quite a lot.

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# Tuesday, 21 September 2004

Anders Norås writes about another cool feature of Team System: Testing Code Coverage which basically is a way for the developer to determine whether a test covers all code paths of a particular method.

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# Friday, 17 September 2004

Here is what my friend found when he returned from his vacation this Friday: Post It Notes everywhere, furniture covered with news papers, and best of all cress was growing in his keyboard.

Guess this will teach him not to pass on those e-mails with funny pictures of other people's offices which have been put through the same ordeal, only difference was that each office in his e-mail had one of the above things done to it, not all three :)

Fun stuff.


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