# Friday, 17 September 2004

Here is what my friend found when he returned from his vacation this Friday: Post It Notes everywhere, furniture covered with news papers, and best of all cress was growing in his keyboard.

Guess this will teach him not to pass on those e-mails with funny pictures of other people's offices which have been put through the same ordeal, only difference was that each office in his e-mail had one of the above things done to it, not all three :)

Fun stuff.


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# Wednesday, 15 September 2004

One problem I encountered quite quickly while exploring Test Driven Development and Unit Testing is that there is no easy way to test methods which are marked as private. Of course this can be done with reflection and it was on my todo list to write a little testing framework making it easy to do but now it looks like I won't have to do anything as Team System will be providing the functionality out of the box.

Check out this post by Anders Norås which describes how you would go about doing it with Visual Team System which is included with the latest community build of Visual Studio 2005.

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If you know the name NewsGator you know that it is in no way associated with spyware, however new users does not know this and Greg Reinacker is wondering whether this is hurting sales which made him wonder about a new name for the product. I think that a name change is in order seeing that the name is directly associated with the company which created the first ever spyware, not a great association. If that isn't convincing enough just take a look at what Gater Corp. did, they actually changed their name to something else to start over, if that isn't damning evidence I don't know what is :)

Take a look at the Greg's post and the discussion, brand recognition is always a fascinating topic. The idea of taking something without meaning and actually adding value to it is a mind boggling concept, just take the word 'Nike' which I am sure everybody agrees is a valuable trademark, weird to think that is comes from nothing...


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Firefox version 1.0 was prereleased. Of course I swear by Maxthon which is more IE like than the Mozilla browser but I still like to keep up to date on Firefox as it is looking more promising with every release.

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# Friday, 10 September 2004

I am currently working on one project which called for the use of Javascript to call a webservice in order to do some processing much like the way GMail works. While it is possible to do to today with bare minimum objects like XmlHttpRequest and the likes, it's not the easiest thing in the world getting working.

Of course I was delighted to hear that ASP.NET 2.0 will support the technique more extensively than today. What is even better is that Fredrik Normén has had an article up for a while describing how to use the feature couple it with Karl Seguin's article and you get a pretty good idea of what will be possible.

As with any feature of Whidbey it may or may not change before the final product ships but I  am guessing that some form of this one will make it in.

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Roy Osherove writes about a great experience he has had with Test Driven Development where his team basically had to do one of the most low level changes there is on a near-production ready system.

His story truly sums up the advantages of Test Driven Development when used correctly. In the near future I am going to entertain my colleagues with my very own dramatization of why we should be using TDD, I think this story will prove immensely useful to that end :)

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# Thursday, 09 September 2004

A while back I decided not to post about new releases of the Maxthon browser seeing that it has a notification feature which tells you exact that information so really all I was doing was plugging the best browser out there. While that is OK it gets really old after a couple of posts :)

Now the real reason for this post is that Maxthon is gaining better support for Windows XP Service Pack 2 which you should install right away if you haven't already done so. You can see a complete change list below:

+ Support for WinXP SP2 Popup Control and ActiveX Control.
+ In-place toolbar for flash files, pictures and some media files. (Download from Here)
+ Ability to choose more network interface by clicking on network display area of status bar.
+ Unicode encoding to menu.
+ New "Add to favorite" and "Organize favorite" dialog.
+ Ad replacement setting in Adhunter option.
+ 'Allow popup' on popup information bar.
* Fixed favorite sort problem on system systems.
* Fixed iframe resize would cause main window to resize problem.
* Maximize All works.
* Fixed skin installation problem.
* Fixed some other bugs.

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# Wednesday, 08 September 2004

It seems that I am on a Team System roll here :) Next up is an article about the unit testing features of the product including code coverage and unit testing of web pages. Great stuff.

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Yesterday I made a post about an article of an overview of Team System in which I mentioned a comment someone made about Team System being the difference between walking and riding your bicycle but I couldn't for the life of me figure out where I read it. Well Rob Caron was nice enough to both link to me and remind me that it was Jon Box who made the most excellent description about what Team System will mean to the development community.

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# Tuesday, 07 September 2004

I stumbled on a comment regarding Microsoft Team System where the person compared TS with the difference between walking and riding a bicycle and frankly I couldn't agree more. It seems to me that a lot of developers out there are missing what TS promises to bring to the development process; this is especially true for small shops where the individual developer is mostly in charge of doing his or her own testing. Of course TS is so much more than testing, in fact I initially wanted to make this post to point you in the direction of an article on MSDN which gives you the bird's eye on what TS brings to the table.

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# Monday, 06 September 2004

A while back I made a post about the technical beta of Windows Media Player 10 and now the final version is out... apparently. I have been unable to find an actual download link, the Media Player pages did have nice buttons for the version 10 download but they actually linked to version 9, great stuff.

I finally found a direct download link for version 10 which I thought I would put out there for people having the same difficulties as me getting the new version.

Windows Media Player 10 in all its glory.

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# Friday, 03 September 2004

It looks like Logitech has put a new mouse on the street, the MX1000 which sports a laser sensor for better tracking on almost any surface. They also state that the sensor is able to track more precisely which may be accurate but I cannot see how the RF technology would be able to cope with the added resolution when it was struggling with the optical sensors of the last generation.

Oh well, being the mouse nut I am I may just have to go out and get one of these so I can see for myself what the fuss is about :)

PC Magazine has a review of the rodent if my description has taken your fancy.

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