# Friday, 03 September 2004

It looks like Logitech has put a new mouse on the street, the MX1000 which sports a laser sensor for better tracking on almost any surface. They also state that the sensor is able to track more precisely which may be accurate but I cannot see how the RF technology would be able to cope with the added resolution when it was struggling with the optical sensors of the last generation.

Oh well, being the mouse nut I am I may just have to go out and get one of these so I can see for myself what the fuss is about :)

PC Magazine has a review of the rodent if my description has taken your fancy.

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# Monday, 30 August 2004

I found this via Matt Hawley: Global user controls, a feature which will be supported in ASP.NET where you basically register your control in web.config and you will have full intellisense on every page. I see many a menu control registered here in the future :)

In the near future I may have to get VS 2005 beta installed to check out some of this cool new stuff so that I may hit the ground running when it is released eventually.

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A quick notice about a vulnerability which Clemens Vasters posts about. It is present in all version of dasBlog.

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I have long thought there was no point in raise the clock speed of CPUs beyond 3 GHz for desktop CPUs, people are simply not able to use all that raw processing power. I was a die hard AMD fan for a long time mainly because I always cheer for the underdog and they did have a great product in the Athlon.

Times change and Intel gave us Hyperthreading for the desktop which is around the time I chose to go with Intel instead, simply because Hyperthreading is what we need to make our computers more responsive due to the nature of modern operating systems where a lot of processes are contending for the CPU at the same time. Hyperthreading gave us a more responsive system and the new dual core CPUs which AMD and Intel are working on will do much more.

Building a dual core CPU is not an easy feat which I learned from this article found at theinquirer (via Hardocp.com). If you have any interest in this area and want to know what is coming and which company to look out for you should definitely give the article a read.

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# Saturday, 28 August 2004

Last night I listened to my first live Dot Net Rocks!  show (http://www.franklins.net/dotnetrocks) and I just have to make a post about it because the experience was so damned cool. The topic was about coding with least privilege which I don't really see the point in being an ASP.NET developer and all.

I do see the benefits in writing and testing WinForm applications under least privilege. Anyway as you probably gather the topic was not too relevant for me personally what made the experience so great was listening to the bits before and after the show which gave me a totally different image of how it is to put together an online radio show, not an easy feat, especially not given the high quality of Dot Net Rocks!.

Topping the experience was the IRC chat room on EFNet where 70 or so people gathered during the show, asking questions and generally talking tech. Great stuff, I am sure that I will check in again sometime in the future even though I have to get up at 3 in the morning due to the time difference. At least the show takes place the night between Friday and Saturday here which makes it a possibitity :)

I guess you could say that I am hooked at this point :)

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# Friday, 27 August 2004

Are you using source control in your every day coding or are you just lost on the subject. Everybody should use source control and now there is no reason not to with Eric Sink starting a series on Source Control.

I personally can't wait for Visual Team System 2005 to get released so we get all the spiffy new testing features but more importantly we can put Visual Source Control 6 in the grave which should have been done a looong time ago :)

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Wondering how the Internet is different than real life? Just want to know a little about what real life is?

Look no further this video describing the subject cracked me up, it will crack you up too ... in a non druggy kind of way of course :) A collegue of mine sent along this video little tutorial (Quicktime required).

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# Thursday, 26 August 2004

I have always taking for granted that you use exceptions for the "exceptional cases" not for stuff you would expect.

Anyways if you find yourself wondering when to use exception head on over to Memi.Reflection where there is a little discussion about the topic. He is right on the money.

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# Wednesday, 25 August 2004

Here is a great little time waster which basically makes you try to keep a drunk upright. My best was 48 meters ... left handed even :)

Potential addiction awaits you.

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# Sunday, 15 August 2004

Now for something more technical than swimming with babies :) I recently got a new cell phone, a Sony Ericsson T630, with Bluetooth and a colleague of mine pointed me in the direction of float's Mobile Agent which is an application which lets you do all kinds of cool stuff with the Bluetooth connection offered by my particular phone; I have no idea whether this program works with other phones, sorry.

I thought the T630 was sexy before I got around to playing around with its Bluetooth connection but man is it cool when you have something like float's Mobile Agent. Cool stuff I have tried with the software thus far:

  • Trivial stuff like synchronizing phone book, calendar and reminders with Outlook. Also you can edit entries on the phone and you can manipulate files too.
  • Really cool stuff like sending and receiving text messages on my laptop. The program will actually pop up a window containing the text from the received message and let you write a reply on the computer and send it from there. You won't need to touch the phone at all.
  • Making and taking calls from the computer. I have not yet played around with this feature but I am guessing that this is like having a headset attached to the phone so you are just able to pickup the phone, not take the actual call directly on the computer.
  • Now that is what you can do on the computer but the fun doesn't end there. You can do all kinds of stuff with your computer from the phone like controlling applications like iTunes and Windows Media Player, you can launch the application from the phone and start playing music from there, it provides the basic next, previous and stop functionality.
  • Proximity features are another cool idea where the program take certain actions if the phone moves out of range like starting the screen saver and locking the computer. You can make turn the volume up or down too. This is an area where a lot of nice features are possible and I can't wait to see what he comes up with in this department.

The application is stolid at this point and I can't urge you enough to download this baby and give it a spin. I am loving every little feature is has to offer! :)

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This is a non-technical post so beware if you are here for your technical fix of the day :) The girlfriend and I took out little baby boy swimming today and were we excited to see what he thought of getting into a cold pool. He likes his baths very hot thus the excitement :)

I got to say that he handled it like a champ. He as in the pool for 10 minutes before he got cold but that's pretty good considered he is only 10 weeks old and doesn't carry around a whole lot of body fat yet. It was pretty amazing seeing him taking his first swim. I could clearly see how he was taking it all in (the experience not the water, what kind of parent do you take me for :)); before he was born one of the things I was looking forward to was "seeing" the world through his eyes which I think I got a chance to do today. Just seeing him wonder about this new experience made me smile - more than two hours have passed and I still get a smile on my face when I think about the whole experience.

My point is that if you are a new parent you should really consider taking your child swimming at an early age not only to get the child used to water but also for the reasons I described above. It really took my breath away seeing him in the pool like that. Great stuff! 

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# Monday, 09 August 2004

Everybody have been raving about how SP2 for Windows XP was RTM'd. I figurered I would wait until the time an actual download would be available. This is that time and you should go download service pack 2 right away and get ahead of the virus programmers :)

Be advised that the security enhancements provided by SP2 do break stuff in some apps so if you are running some exotic piece of software you need to check whether SP2 breaks your particular app.

Download SP2 from Microsoft.

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I have been wanting to post about this for a while but have forgotten to do so. Roy Osherove did a really cool post on how to use Enterprise Services (which come with the framework) to simplify the clean-up after database testing.

He basically uses the builtin transaction support to rollback after each test is complete. This is definitely something I will be incorporating in my future tests of DAL components.

Anyway he has some great code examples you should check out if this stuff at all interests you.

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I use this tool all the time so it is great to have a new version to play. This version adds support for testing categories also a new overload for Assert.AreEqual was added which makes it easy to compare arrays. Believe it or not you had to do it the hard way by comparing all the elements of an array by hand in the previous version.

For a complete list of changes take a look at the changelog. You can download it from  Sourceforge.

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