# Sunday, 18 July 2004

So Apple is releasing an updated version of the full iPod which most notably sports the new wheel found on the iPod mini and longer battery life which is prolonged to 12 hours from 8.

Also the new version will have better navigation whatever that means :) If they could jus make it easy to switch between shuffle and linear playmode I would be happy.

MSNBC has more specs.


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# Sunday, 11 July 2004

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# Friday, 09 July 2004

Just stumbled across a great article explaining the Gmail API. I was hoping that something like this would surface and now we have it. One thing which is keeping me from switching over to Gmail completely is the lack of integration in Outlook.

Maybe I should sit down this weekend and see what I can whip up :)

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The first link I posted for the webcasts turned out to be for internal use in Microsoft for burning DVDs only so the site was secured with login. Unfortunate for us who don't have a chance to attend the US TechEd.

Bink.nu has the same links all over again. This time I hope they'll stick :)

Data Management
Developer Tools and Technologies
Management and Operations
Mobile PC and Devices

Enough to keep us entertainment for some time I would think :)

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Microsoft is releasing some funky looking mice in the near future. It is funny how some of these resemble the Logitech MX510 only not a cool; guess we all know who the market leader is when it comes to pointing devices :)

There are more pictures at ActiceWin.com
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# Thursday, 08 July 2004

A new version of MyIE2, excuse me Maxthon, has been released  bringing us up to version 1.0.0168. With this release the browser was renamed to Maxthon and moved to a new domain.

New stuff:
+ Tip of the day dialog.
+ Unicode Support.
+ Remove mode and modeless dialog option in ADHunter option panel.
+ Remove pop-under ADs option in ADHunter option panel.
+ Remove Floating ADs option in AdHunter option panel.
* Setup center and options are combined.
+ skin.ini [SIDEBAR_STYLE] HOT_BUTTON_IMAGE to specify the hot button image of side bar.
* For context menu for menu items, holding control key will keep the menu after select a command.
+ Hold ALT key before download begins will toggle using download manager.
+ Hold ALT key before open a tab will toggle from open in forground and background.
* Rebuild Tray icon after Explorer crash.
+ Reload missing pictures option at Advanced option panel.
* Zoom factor is kept after page refreshing.
* Global Zoom option added to General option panel.
* Config file changed to xml.
+ Zip library.
+ Popups options page.
+ Popup block toolbar at sized popup window.
+ Popup blocked inform toolbar.
+ Redesigned history side bar.
+ Redesigned favorite side bar.

Download Maxthon.

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# Tuesday, 06 July 2004

Here is something really cool. The Tablet PC is a great idea but I often find myself wondering how I could use it in my day to day life and have come up wanting.

Larry from Greenjam.com came up with his very own way of using the tablet: Art. You have got to see it to believe it. My initial thought after seeing his work was there here was digital images which actually have a soul.

I wrote him earlier and told him so; I think is work is that good.

Anyway go have a look for yourself, there are some great picture on his site. I especially like this one here - you will se why when you click it :)

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# Monday, 05 July 2004

Ever looked at OS X from Apple and gone, "w0000, 1337 dud3"? :) Apparently now you can get the Mac experience right on your very own Windows XP machine.

The Mac OSX on Windows XP post on the Furrygoat (I know :) ) details how you would go about getting it all to run. I have yet to try it myself but rest assured that I will give this whirl sometime soon and report back my findings. I think this will be very cool for testing that Java script on the Mac :)

You still need proof of the thing running? Mike Hall has exactly that in this post here.


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# Sunday, 04 July 2004

Scott Hanselman is always good for some great tips. In this post he talks about using NDoc for generating documentation from the XML comments we make in C#; God I can't wait till we get those in VB.NET 2.0.

Great post with some great info. You definitely don't want to miss this one.

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# Saturday, 03 July 2004

I have this flower on my kitchen table and thought it to be too beautiful to not take a photo of it. Here you go a little color for you :)

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