# Tuesday, 22 June 2004

Yay! I got myself an invite for Gmail. I haven't yet had much time to play around with it but I got to say that the interface is what we have come to love and expect from Google. Very clean, very nice.

The reason for this post is not for bragging about my new account it is about the issues which have surfaced recently about how other services like Hotmail and Yahoo are blocking the invites. I know for fact that Hotmail does not block the invites nor does it move them to the junk folder. I got my invite sent to my Hotmail account and it landed in my inbox as I would expect it to.

Just to set the record straight.

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# Sunday, 20 June 2004

Being a proud Dane the fact that another Dane, Anders Hejlsberg of Borland fame, is the mastermind behind C# is a great thing to me. Of course I am delighted that we can all get the word from the horse's mouth so to speak in the following videos:

Tour through computing industry history at the Microsoft Museum

What's so great about generics?

Programming data in C# 3.0

What influenced the development of C#?

Update: Reading a bit more on Channel9 I noticed a couple more videos featuring Anders Hejlsberg. Check them out:

Programming in C#

Managed Code

Anders Hejlsberg's Keynote Speech - Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Launch

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# Saturday, 19 June 2004

Peter Provost held a seminar on building quality .NET solutions he posted the slides from the seminar. The slides contain some usefull stuff which you should always keep in mind when building applications. Also included in the archive is a PDF containing coding standard from IDesign which you can use if you are too lazy to sit down and create your own :) I pretty much agree with what they have put together in their coding standards.

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Darrell Norton posted a stored procedure which will change all users on objects to DBO. Pretty useful if you, like me, sometimes forget to specify the owner when creating an object.

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A few weeks ago I learned abount Reflector by Lutz Roeder which is a tool for browsing assemblies - having downloaded and used it I can't for the life of me think of how I was getting by before :) This got me thinking that there must be a whole bunch of cool stuff out there just waiting to be found whihc is when I found ReSharper a tool which I have ranted about on more than one occasion :)

The reason for this post is that I just found a very nice article on MSDN named "Ten Must-Have Tools Every Developer Should Download Now". This is really what I was looking for back when I found ReSharper so I thought I would share it. Sadly ReSharper isn't on the list but it is still something you should take a look at. Oh yeah - I found the article via MSDN Just Released RSS feed. Nice feed, subscribe now!


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# Wednesday, 16 June 2004

My computer has been acting up and I have not been able to locate error until now. It turns out that both my graphics adapter and motherboard kicked the bucket. Weird coincidence which made finding the error even harder than usual.

Anyway I am back up so expect posting to return to normal.

I am still getting used to being a father but this far I think both my girlfriend and I are doing good. Also Alexander is an angle; he sleeps through most of the night and is easy to comfort when he gets frustrated about something (knock on wood).

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# Thursday, 10 June 2004

Hot on the heels of yesterday's release a new version of ReSharper has been made available. Grab build 86 right now.

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# Wednesday, 09 June 2004

I am trying to beef up my testing abilities as they leave something to be desired. I immediately got caught on the idea that Test Driven Development would be if not the entire solution then a part of the solution. Only problem was that I really had no idea of what Test Driven Development is all about so I sat through a webcast from Microsoft on the subject. The presentation was James Newkirk a development lead at Microsoft and the man behind NUnit which is the defacto way of unit testing stuff in .NET.

The webcast gives a great overview of Test Driven Development and the ideas behind it. It even goes further and demoes how you would go about putting together some tests in Visual Studio .NET 2003. Please be aware that you need to provide a name before you will be able to view the presentation.

If you need some additional reading "Pragmatic Unit Testing in C# with NUnit" seems like the choice of books along with "Test-Driven Development in Microsoft .NET". My vote for which book is better is still out though.

Also there is a quite interesting article over at CodeProject.com on the subject.

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Being an iPod owner naturally I get excited when Apple releases a new version of iTunes. Even for people who do not own an iPod iTunes is a great music player. You can get the latest version from Apple.

Version 4.6 adds support for a cool piece of hardware called the Airport Express which is a device which allows you to stream music to your stereo wirelessly none the less :)

Read more about the Airport Express at Macworld.

Update: Caledonia pointed out the iTunes COM SDK which you can use for interfacing with iTunes programmatically. This blog being partly a development blog I thought that I'd add the link here :)

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A new version of ReSharper has been released. Check it out. In case you are wondering what ReSharper is I have written a little something about it previously.

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# Monday, 07 June 2004

Yesterday evening I became a dad to beautiful little baby boy Alexander. My girlfriend (wife to be even :) ) was admitted to the hospital Thursday last week because her blood pressure was too high which could cause complications at birth.

Because of this the birth was started prematurely with the help of medicine but unfortunately it didn't take. Labor was induced but the contractions were artificial in nature and could not be sustained during the entire birth so the doctors decided that is was time for a Cesarean. At this point we had reached Sunday and naturally we were happy with any kind of progress so agreeing to surgery was not that tough a decision.

Things started to happen very quickly after the decision was made. My girlfriend was prepped for surgery and less than 30 minutes later she gave birth to our son. Surgery itself lasted for 10 minutes which to me was both surprising and very fascination - I hold a very deep respect for doctors, needless to say that this respect grew ten fold that night.

One of my greatest fears is of surgery so I was pretty much just tried to make it through it all without passing out. Somehow I ended up in surgery with my girlfriend telling her that everything would be alright while at the same time trying just to breathe calmly. Very weird and very scary seeing the person I am the closest with in the entire world lying there without me being able to do anything about it. My job is to protect her yet I was unable to do so.

I cannot describe the feelings which rushed through me as I heard the first little cough coming from my son when he was born. It was basically every single feeling I have had my entire life rushing through me in a span of a few seconds. Even as I type this the memory of it all makes adrenaline pump through my veins.

Everything went according to plan and I have spent today getting to know my son. It's incredible to think of all the possibilities the future has in store for him. For now I am happy just being able to change his diaper and keeping him from crying.

Becoming a father really sets everything in perspective; I have baby poo up my elbows and I couldn't be happier :)

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# Friday, 04 June 2004

I have previously mentioned CodeRush here which is an add-in for Visual Studio .NET which adds many of the things we will see in Visual Studio 2005. At $250 a license it is pretty hard to justify when the feature will be available for free in a years time.

While I was tinkering with CodeRush I stumbled across another tool named ReSharper which does the same thing - adds all the IDE sweetness which is found in the VB.NET IDE. ReSharper is still in development and the first release I tried was horribly slow. Today I got an e-mail stating that a new release is available. Not being impressed with the first release I figured I'd give it a whirl just for kicks.

Lo and behold the new version of ReSharper is actually a big improve over build 83 (the first one I tried out). Build 84 addresses the performance issues and also some of the configuration issues. I highly recommend that you try out the new version. Beware though the add-in is still in development and as such can be the subject of changes, breaking stuff, and all that. Consider yourself warned :) Also you should be aware that the performance of previous version decreased as the project size got bigger. I have not yet had a chance to see if this issue is addressed in the new version. If you do try out this build please let me know what you find.

Download latest build of ReSharper (build 84)

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