# Thursday, 06 May 2004

Being a hardware buff I got to say that this thing spikes my interest: A keyboard made of light. Apparantly that's exactly what you can buy for the price of $99.99. Pretty neat for all of those with a PDA or a smart phone. Guess that makes all those hours of practicing thumb typing useless :)

Check it out.

TheScreenSavers TV show had this thing on. Check out their opion of the device; to sum it up: They are not impressed.

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# Wednesday, 05 May 2004

I've been using water cooling for almost a year now and I got to say that it's had it's ups and downs. The reason for the missing posts around here is that the pump in my system gave out on me yesterday ... and it was only a two weeks old replacement for another pump which gave out.

I must say that I am beginning to have my doubts of the merits of water cooling. The objective for me was to get my PC as quiet as possible. While the sound level has dropped a new form of noise has evolved in my PC: Vibration noise. The water pump vibrates (heh) considerably more than any fan I've ever had installed in my case ... and I have had a few.

The kit is from Asetek and is called Water Chill. Other than the pump issues the system has been running great. However losing the pump sucks big time as I have to wait a week or more for a replacement pump meaning my system will be out for that period.

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# Monday, 03 May 2004

A new version of dasBlog has seen the light bringing us up to version 1.6.4121.0. You can grab the new version here. Being an update-addict this is of course great news for me as it gives me my regular fix (the Longhorn fix has just about worn off about now :) ).

As you have probably noticed by now this site is dasBlog powered and I am happy to report that I have already upgraded to the new version and everything is a-OK.

You can read all about the changes and new stuff if you want to get the low down on this release.

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# Sunday, 02 May 2004

I figured that I'd do something a little more usefull (?!) than just posting a random picture as a test of NewsGator's posting abilities so here is a picture of your's truly. It was taken late summer last year when the company went to Liseberg, Sweden for some R&R.

UPDATE: So it seems that posting images through NewsGator doesn't work all that well. The picture below was posted using the post via e-mail feature of dasBlog (what a great piece of software dasBlog is :) )

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Of course .NET is not stupid - just the name of the product. While it does sound cool it's just not very user friendly in some situations. How many times have you needed to Google something and not been able to because .NET is treated as NET?


Anyway I have been adding a few new blogs to my blog list and just saw this post (or should I say rant) over at SecretGeek.com about the name of .NET. Man, I couldn't agree more :)


I am so glad that Microsoft decided to create a whole new language named C#. Always a good way to find .NET info on Google. Being bi-lingual I sometimes search Google for VB.NET specific stuff and I run into some of the some problems as with the generic .NET search term.


Oh well, I survive, but I can't imagine that the marketing people at MS didn't consider this.


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# Friday, 30 April 2004

Saw this over at guidmaster's blog and thought I'd give it a try to see if I could get to check out XDN :) So here's the offer for you guys:

FREE XDN Professional for .NET Bloggers during May 2004
Mike Schinkel, president of Xtras.Net, made an offer on his personal blog of a free XDN Professional membership (http://www.xtras.net/xdn) during the month of May 2004 for anyone that blogs about .NET frequently. If you are a .NET blogger, see Mike's post for how to get your free XDN membership.

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# Wednesday, 28 April 2004

I am sometimes amazed at the lengths people are willing to go to get the job done. Take for example the simple task of getting a date from an input field. Some months ago I was working on a site which the original contractor wasn't able to get done alone so I got to take a peek at how the big businesses do their coding.

One of the things I found was how little the previous coders knew of the .NET platform - it was really obvious that these particular coders had lots of experience with ASP 3.0 but not much with ASP.NET. An example of this was when they needed to pull a date from a textbox - they accomplished this by doing two things: First assuming that the string entered would be formatted in a particular way and second by iterating through the string picking up month, day, and year parts of the date.

I did a little scounting around the SDK docs and found a much nicer way of doing this:

Dim formatInfo As New DateTimeFormatInfo()
Dim myDate As Date
formatInfo.ShortDatePattern = "dd-MM-yyyy"
myDate = Convert.ToDateTime(myDateTextBox.Text, formatInfo)

I am certainly no .NET god so as I am writing this I am wondering how much cool stuff I am missing in the .NET framework simply because I don't know enough about it?

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# Tuesday, 27 April 2004

The blogging tool saga continues ... Is it really possible to blog from Outlook?! Time will tell.

UPDATE: Wow, can't believe that this actually worked. I think that it is safe to say that I will be blogging from Outlook or some other e-mail capable program (OneNote?) program in the future. I only need to figure out how to assign posts to a category.

Off to bed....

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My adventure into the blogging world started with setting up dasBlog as my personal blog and learning how to use the templates.

Now I have reached the point where I am experimenting with blogging tools which allows me to write posts from a more userfriendly environment than the browser, although I must say that the use of the Office 2003 components as editor eases the process a lot. Being a developer I really want an easy way to format a piece of code. This is no easy task using the Office editor so I figured why not try one of these blogs editors.

Having played with W.Bloggar a bit I ruled it out. It doesn't support dasBlog properly, so categories and headline (?!) aren't sent correctly. It boggles my mind that the head lines aren't sent to the blog but hey it may just be me missing something :)

Off to search for some other tool. I am looking into using OneNote 2003 as a posting tool via e-mail posting to dasBlog. Stay tuned ...


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Well maybe not the first .NET website EVER but it was for me :) When I was getting my feet wet with .NET (I was building the most horrible website in ASP.NET to learn the stuff) a friend of mine pointed out a site which he was involved in building. I saw the site and went, "oooooh, I want to build that kind of websites".

Today I started working on a new project which I wasn't too familiar with from the get go. I spent the entire day setting up my development machine and fired up the site. Lo and behold it was the same site as the one I saw almost two years ago. How freaky is that?

I just sat there and stared at the code while thinking about how the hell I had ended up in this situation. Sometimes it's the little things which remind you of how much you have learned :)

Anyway tomorrow will bring lots of interesting bits I need to get done. Can't really wait to get started for real :)

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Chris Pratley who runs the Office team at Microsoft has put together a really well written post about how Word (and Office) came to be, and how the suite came to rule the planet as the most widely used Office suite.

Like always he does a great job with pulling you in so that you really understand where he is coming from.

I highly recommend his blog - there's lots and lots of info about OneNote in particular and the effort of making and maintaining it.

If you are at all interested in software development I recommend that you read all his posts as they all contain nuggets of useful info, particularly I enjoyed this one about pitfalls in development.

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# Friday, 23 April 2004

A new version of my favorite IM client has seen the light: MSN Messenger 6.2. Which apparently is a minor update with some small tweaks and a new toolbar for the browser. Now what is up with bundling toolbars with the IM client? IMO these things aren't related at all but on the other hand this is what MS does.

I wonder how long it will be before EU fines MS and makes them take out the IE bar :)

Anyway, you can get this new version at Messenger site and you can also read all about what is new in this version. For you lazy people who just want the goods right away here is a direct download link.

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Ever wondered how to enumerate an enum? Well I did yesterday when I needed it to list the installed fonts on a system. It's actually very simple once you know how to :)

For Each s As String In [Enum].GetNames(GetType(System.Drawing.KnownColor))

colorDropDownList.Items.Add(New ListItem(s, s))

Next s

UPDATE: Found an article on Codeproject.com which describes even more tricks with enum. Go have a read.

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