# Wednesday, 21 April 2004

So the server needed another boot, back at it again :)

Just read this post on Neopoleon.com about a book called Coding Slave which you can buy at CodingSlave.com. It actually sounds like a pretty good book which was discussed on a previous .NET Rocks! Show (you absolutely *have* to listen to this show) where some pretty interesting conversation came up, not about technology in particular, more like a philosofical discussion about the biz, the people, and where it's all heading.

Anyways, I wanted to buy the book but CodingSlave.com doesn't seem to ship internationaly and Amazon doesn't have it (!?). So I shot a mail off the Bob Reselman an e-mail which I got this reply to:

Hi Søren:

Yes, I do ship to Europe.

The way that I do it is:

1. The reader sends me his/her address.

2. I figure out the freight cost via United States Post Office.

3. I respond to the reader with a total amount of book and postage.

4. The reader sends me, via email, a credit card number with expiration

date, exact name and address, etc.

5. I enter the card manually to my bank on this end in US Dollars.

6. Once the card is authorized for the total amount, I pack up the order,

run down Venice Blvd here in sunny Los Angeles to the Post Office.

7. I mail the package.

8. I destroy the credit card information.

Please let me know if you would like a book.

I hope to hear from you.

Thanks for writing,

Bob Reselman

So there you have no reason to not go and buy this book right now :) I am thinking that I will order my copy tonight. Anyone else from Denmark interested in the book? Maybe we could be really cheap and share the freight cost :D

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Why is it that work never fall in neat little packages? I have been sitting idle for a couple of weeks and now things are picking up which is great but why oh why do projects always fall on top of each other?

It seems that when one project is set to go another one lands in my laps immediately after :) Not complaining though, but there seems to be an eerie pattern underneath there somewhere :D

Am I the only one why experiences these peeks?!

Oh, my server is ready to go, gotta get some code done... Cheers!

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# Saturday, 17 April 2004

Blog on line ... STOP! ... Have no idea what to write ... STOP! ... Will be back later with intriguing content ... STOP! ...

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