# Wednesday, 05 May 2004

I've been using water cooling for almost a year now and I got to say that it's had it's ups and downs. The reason for the missing posts around here is that the pump in my system gave out on me yesterday ... and it was only a two weeks old replacement for another pump which gave out.

I must say that I am beginning to have my doubts of the merits of water cooling. The objective for me was to get my PC as quiet as possible. While the sound level has dropped a new form of noise has evolved in my PC: Vibration noise. The water pump vibrates (heh) considerably more than any fan I've ever had installed in my case ... and I have had a few.

The kit is from Asetek and is called Water Chill. Other than the pump issues the system has been running great. However losing the pump sucks big time as I have to wait a week or more for a replacement pump meaning my system will be out for that period.

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