# Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Great news to the people annoyed by the fact that Team System isn't available to everyone: Some of the unit testing features from Team System will start appearing in Visual Studio Professional in the Orcas release. Also Microsoft is looking into adding more stuff from Team System into Visual Studio so be sure to voice your opinion on that.

"Due to popular demand we have decided to add the majority of the unit testing features of Team System to the Pro Sku of Visual Studio.  With the release of Orcas, the support for authoring, generating and running unit tests, will become available to the users of the Pro Sku of Visual Studio. Pro customers will also take advantage of the some of the unit testing improvements we have added into Orcas"

[Unit Testing Trickling into Pro!]

I'm still thinking that we need to see much more especially with projects like TestDriven.NET and NCover providing so much more. Also Team Foundation Server is a big part of the equation. Of course we have the ability to duck tape together an open source solution which does approximately the same thing. At this point I would even argue that an open source solution would be better but taking the future into consideration the open source solution will never be able to keep up with Team System simply due to the fact that the one thing Microsoft does extremely well is product integration. They have all the basics down and they have been moving on the round two for some time now.

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