# Wednesday, 11 June 2008

vista_logo In Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 I used the "Run As" command religiously for testing various stuff. Today I needed the same thing in Windows Vista, right clicked a program in the start menu and ... nothing. No Run As command. Confused I held down the shift key in the hopes that it would appear. Again nothing.

Turns out the only thing you get in Windows Vista is the "Run as Administrator". Oh you can have Vista prompt you for credentials every time you select Run as Admin by changing the local group policy but I really don't want to spend the time changing the configuration or the hassle of having to enter credentials every time I want to run something as admin. I'm lazy like that.

Sysinternals to the rescue with ShellRunAs. It adds a new menu item to the right click menu which allows you to enter a different set of credentials to run the application under. Nice! No hacking of group policy required.



Download ShellRunas

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