# Saturday, 24 February 2007

Well whadda ya know, I'm a dad... again. Let me warn you right now: This might get mushy so stop reading right now if you can't stand people going on and on about their children. I promise that I'll return to the regularly scheduled programming :)

I can tell you one thing right off the bat it doesn't get any less wonderful or weird the second time around. I did wonder how I'd be able to love both the little ones the same with two of them competing for attention. Turns out that the love simply grows with each new addition to the family. Isn't it wonderful how things just work themselves out sometimes?

The birth of my first born (and, don't forget, heir to my kingdom) was a pretty traumatic deal not so much because anything went wrong per say. We simply didn't know at any time what the next step would be, you get the feeling that the hospital staff thinks of you a person who cannot even begin to understand what is going on. incredibly frustrating when you think of yourself as a reasonably enlightened individual with equipped average intelligence.

This time around the opposite happened. My wife needed to give birth by C-section because our son apparently is equipped with the same path finding abilities as his father, i.e. next to none, thus he wasn't facing the exit properly. So we knew the date and time on beforehand which turns out to be pretty handy for planning :)

We started out the day before the operation by being informed of what was going to happen. Unfortunately the weather gods decided to dump a whole bunch of snow on us so the staff was pretty thin which meant that we spent six hours at the hospital waiting for a total of 45 minutes worth of information. Not the best way to start out but what are you going to do? I was just happy that we made it to the hospital at all :)

A C-section apparently requires every human being on the planet to be present in the operating room. We had doctors specializing in anesthetics, nurses, surgeons, assisting surgeons, more nurses, midwives, the whole shebang. I'm pretty sure I got my tax worth that day :) So maybe not the entire population of planet earth, a healthy percentage at least. It was pretty cool to watch what can only be described as a well choreographed dance happen around you. Everybody knew they function, when to do what, where to go next. Awesome, just awesome. Of course this brings my mind to the process of developing software, I think the bar may have been raising for where we need to go with our development efforts in the future but that's for a different post altogether.

All went well. Baby Christoffer was born February 23rd at 10:17 weighing 3100 g. and 50 cm. of length. He was born just 15 minutes after the surgery started. The entire thing was over in 45 minutes, the same amount of time spent by the staff telling us about it. Fun coincidence don't you think?

I'll never forget sitting holding my wife's hand and hearing for the first time the voice of my son as he was delivered into this world by capable hands. Of course I didn't cry I merely had something in my eye :)

Of course it's every parent's right to spam friends, family, and the internets with lots and lots of baby pictures but I'll spare you for now and only post a couple:

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