# Thursday, 03 April 2008

glatfore_skilt I'm now officially a statistical anomaly. Only last November I encountered a ghost driver and in my post Could Have Been Me I write about what could have happened if I'd decided to try and take over another car at the very moment the ghost driver came upon me.

Well tonight turned out to be that night. On my way home from Århus I encountered a different ghost driver only this time I was actually in the same lane as the other guy. Luckily I had my wits about me and managed to swerve out of his way.

So please just for a year or so give me break. I really think that I've had to deal with enough ghost drivers for one life time. WTF!

Friday, 04 April 2008 00:21:15 (Romance Daylight Time, UTC+02:00)
Jebus! You should start buying lotto tickets right now.. But praise Fortuna that you are still here..

Is it just me – are the Danish highways flooded with ghosts drivers these days? Or is just the media and you blogging? GPS?
Friday, 04 April 2008 11:51:10 (Romance Daylight Time, UTC+02:00)
Sounds more like he should buy a good life ensurance! :)
.. Or maybe a big Humvee / truck?
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