# Wednesday, 28 January 2009

feed-icon-96x96In case you’re wondering why you’re not receiving any updates from my blog in your favorite feed reader, wonder no more. First a little background.

Google last year acquired FeedBurner without much fanfare and everything has pretty much been quiet since then with the minor exception that some paid feature became free.

This all changed recently when the great FeedBurner migration onto the Google platform started, which screwed people up in a number of interesting ways.

My first attempts at migration were unsuccessful due to the fact that one of my feeds did get migrated in the first go, not completely, mind you, just a little bit, leaving me with my feed both at the old FeedBurner site and at the new Google FeedBurner site.

Of course it’s gets quite tricky to determine automatically what to do when someone tries to migrate a feed onto a new platform where another feed with the same name exists. Luckily I figured out what was going on, and being in control of both ends of the equation I removed the duplicate feed and tried again…

Now for the reason why you’re not receiving anything from this blog in your feed reader. The second time around the migration was successful, only Google for some reason can’t access my original feed URL at my ISP, which means that the FeedBurner URL gets a nice HTTP 502 error whenever you, dear reader, tries to access it.

Until this gets resolved between my ISP and Google (like in a million years) I’ve turned FeedBurner off for the site. Once it’s fixed you will automatically received the new feed. The down side is that you’ll have to update your reader to use the old feed URL in the meantime: http://www.publicvoid.dk/SyndicationService.asmx/GetRss

I think this illustrates nicely why you should be weary of the cloud computing trend. Indeed it’s a fine proposition; supposing that everything works as it should. It’s quite another matter when the cloud turns out to be filled with hot air and starts failing. All you can really do is sit back and wait for someone, somewhere to do something.

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