# Sunday, 04 June 2006

CoreDuo2I’ve been waiting for AMD and Intel to release their new platforms before getting a new PC for the home office. Specifically Intel interests me as they have a new architecture which promises to bring both higher speeds and lower power consumption. What is interesting is the price of these new parts. While the AMD parts are keeping their prices while not introducing any significant performance gains, the Intel parts show real promise: Not only performance wise but also in their pricing which seems to be very competitive with AMD.

SHG.dk has prices on the new Intel parts already and I expect that they will drop a little before introduction as was the case when they had AMD AM2 prices listed before launch. Of course we can expect the Core Duo 2 chips to become available July 23rd.

Worth of note is that Intel is keeping the LGA775 socket around this time while AMD has introduced a new socket called AM2. This means that many custom coolers can be used with the new Intel chips and not with the AMD chips.

Also Nvidia will be launching their nForce5xx chipset for the Intel platform which to me is very interesting as there hasn’t really been a good SLI chipset for Nvidia cards and Intel up until this point. Yes the previous nForce chipset is available but I really don’t see that as a really solid SLI platform for Intel compared to what we’ve got available on the AMD platform.

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