# Friday, 24 November 2006

First a little background: iTunes has a limit of five on authorized computers that is computers which are able to play the tunes you've bought in the store. Apple provides a handy dandy function to deauthorize every one of your computers all at once. This is very useful for people like me who goes installing Windows every other day and forget to deauthorize the computers before reinstalling. Sadly Apple people has decided in all their wisdom to only allow deauth of all computers once a year. WTF?

Tonight I wanted to authorize my new Vista install but lo and behold every single auth was used... by deleted installs. Yay me!

I wrote to Apple support less than two hours ago about this. For the sake of fun I tried authorizing again just now and guess what, they'd actually already reset my.

Mad props to Apple support for dealing with this in such a timely manner.

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