# Monday, 28 February 2005

A skill which is often overlooked when trying to improve oneself is the reading skill, even though most relevant information is aggregated through this medium. How to Read and Digest a Book! is a post which got me thinking about my reading habits and what I might do to improve them.

For me personally more and more interesting information is gathered from the text medium. Mostly due to the advent of RSS feeds where I need to have focus on fast processing of posts if I am to stay up to date with all the exciting stuff people post about.

For me to engage in a piece of text for learning purposes I have found that taking notes is the best practice. It may lengthen the reading process somewhat but my thoughts are focused and more information tend to stick for a longer period of time. Another plus is that I can always go back to my notes and look for the points which I found important at the time.

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