# Friday, 08 October 2004

Google's Gmail got some new features this week and one of them is what I characterize as a killer feature: Automatic mail forward. This basically lets you forward anything you get on your Gmail account to any other e-mail account, you can either specify that all e-mail should be forwarded or forward by rules. Pretty slick.

What I use it for is instant online backup of my e-mail. I have some DNS mailforwards set up for this domain which I have routed through Gmail and on to my POP3 account at my ISP. This way I get instant backup of everything I receive and I can access all my mail online.

I think this may mark the beginning of me using Gmail more... Now if only I could get those pesky Hotmail mails routed through Gmail also :)

Here is the list of all the new features:

  • Gmail Notifier: Notifies you of new mail on your account (Nothing special here, people have been doing this from day one .... well almost).
  • Search Contacts
  • Save Drafts
  • Automatic Forword to Another E-mail Account :)
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