# Tuesday, 27 April 2004

Well maybe not the first .NET website EVER but it was for me :) When I was getting my feet wet with .NET (I was building the most horrible website in ASP.NET to learn the stuff) a friend of mine pointed out a site which he was involved in building. I saw the site and went, "oooooh, I want to build that kind of websites".

Today I started working on a new project which I wasn't too familiar with from the get go. I spent the entire day setting up my development machine and fired up the site. Lo and behold it was the same site as the one I saw almost two years ago. How freaky is that?

I just sat there and stared at the code while thinking about how the hell I had ended up in this situation. Sometimes it's the little things which remind you of how much you have learned :)

Anyway tomorrow will bring lots of interesting bits I need to get done. Can't really wait to get started for real :)

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