# Wednesday, 17 October 2012

At uCommerce we’re fortunate in many ways: We get to build products that customers actually use and love and most importantly we get to work with some pretty amazing people.

What we didn’t see coming is the amount of excitement and involvement in uCommerce from our partners and customers. From helping out in the support forums, building extensions, providing key insights and feedback for uCommerce, blogging about uCommerce, to creating full open source projects around uCommerce.

The involvement is truly amazing to see and we want to recognize the people who go above and beyond and thus 2013 is the year for a grand new tradition: uCommerce MVPs (uCommerce Most Valuable Professionals).

How To Become An MVP

uCommerce MVPs are a small, select group of the professionals in the uCommerce community, outliers with the ability to highlight solutions and helping out in the community making the community a better place for everybody.

We select MVPs from the community in a very unscientific way each year in October based on their contributions. Once selected the MVP title is good for the coming year and will be reviewed each year.

MVPs are honored with the “king” Hoptimist to proudly display in their desks :)


Sounds like something for you? Here are some pointers if you’d like be considered for MVP next year:

  • If you do something cool with uCommerce blog about
  • Help out in the uCommerce forum
  • Do a talk for your local user group
  • Host a uCommerce code camp
  • Build a package for Umbraco using uCommerce
  • Share your uCommerce extensions like payment providers, shipping providers, etc.
  • Make some noise about uCommerce :)

And now for the most important part of this post: The uCommerce MVPs for 2013.

Tim Gaunt, The Site Doctor, UK


Tim has been around the uCommerce community from the very beginning. He initially got on board after Codegarden 09 when we introduced uCommerce 1.0 and has since been active in the uCommerce community; blogging, providing valuable feedback for uCommerce itself, and recently with his heavy involvement in the development of Avenue Clothing, the new Razor store. He even came up with the name Avenue Clothing :)

His company The Site Doctor builds amazing uCommerce stores. The work TSD does is second to none.

Christian Wendler, Byte5, DE

Christian Wendler, Byte5

Christian popped up in the community in 2011 with his company byte5 immediately producing high quality stores with uCommerce.

His insights and willingness to help out in the Germany with community activities are remarkable, but his work on the uCommerce Data Types for Umbraco package is really what puts him over the top.

In Summary

uCommerce MVPs are a great asset for the community as a whole. With the 2013 MVPs we’re recognizing the first uCommerce MVPs ever who have gone above and beyond in making the uCommerce community a better place.

We’re proud and honored to work with these people!

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