# Friday, 21 January 2005

For me the killer feature of dasBlog isn’t the anti spam function for comments or any of the technical stuff like improved performance. No for me it’s the fact that I’m now able to see referral statistics for past dates. Although I keep this blog for myself as place to put stuff which I will need later, I also get a thrill out of knowing that people do in fact read what I write here.

Let’s face it most people are attention whores and want some kind of recognition for the stuff that they do. Oh and when I type “they”, I really should type “me” :) In my opinion even more statistics are needed because it keeps me interested in doing this. It forces me to post the stuff I find useful which does two things: 1) Makes the stuff available for later use by myself, and more importantly 2) Makes the stuff available for other people.

Takes for example my post about Problems Connection To Hotmail Through Router. It was a pretty hard case to crack and stuff like that would for my part be forgotten once dealt with. I know of at least two people who benefited from me posting about my solution to the problem which really makes this stuff worth doing. Knowing that I helped two people dealing with a difficult hardware issue makes me want to add even more stuff here.

Helping other people makes me feel great, you can too.

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