# Monday, 30 August 2004

I have long thought there was no point in raise the clock speed of CPUs beyond 3 GHz for desktop CPUs, people are simply not able to use all that raw processing power. I was a die hard AMD fan for a long time mainly because I always cheer for the underdog and they did have a great product in the Athlon.

Times change and Intel gave us Hyperthreading for the desktop which is around the time I chose to go with Intel instead, simply because Hyperthreading is what we need to make our computers more responsive due to the nature of modern operating systems where a lot of processes are contending for the CPU at the same time. Hyperthreading gave us a more responsive system and the new dual core CPUs which AMD and Intel are working on will do much more.

Building a dual core CPU is not an easy feat which I learned from this article found at theinquirer (via Hardocp.com). If you have any interest in this area and want to know what is coming and which company to look out for you should definitely give the article a read.

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