# Sunday, 25 January 2009

logoThis is going to be the last post in which I mention Twitter… seriously. In fact I’m going to start right now by not talking about Twitter but instead I’m going to focus on a side effect of Twitter: Corporate Tweeting. (You would in fact be correct if you assume that I just made that term up :))

The Vertical Niche

Like Google Twitter has got the market for short public messages pretty much sewn up. Does that mean that there isn’t a market for short public messages anymore? As Google so clearly has shown sewing up the market does mean that others can’t compete in that same market. It’s all about the vertical niche, baby!


Yammer is the New Black

What IMDB is for Google. Yammer is for Twitter. Before I dive into what Yammer is let me start out with a challenge we have at Vertica: As we spread to different geographical locations how do we keep the company spirit going strong? How do we make the departments one coherent company with the same values and a sense of collectiveness?


We spent a couple of meetings debating that very issue and of course the good old ones like doing company outings, shared social events, wax eachother’s backs all came up but for me the most interesting one, aside from waxing eachother’s backs, was to try and use Twitter and also allow for the usual private chit chat which goes on inside a company. Some jokes are best kept inside the company… like you know that waxing one. You get my point right?


image Yammer has set up shop with a Twitter clone which is ideally suited for running private Twitter-like networks. Bascailly all you need are e-mail addresses on the same domain and you’re golden. Sign up is stupid easy: Enter your e-mail and you’re good to go.

From there is smooth sailed with a nice Adobe AIR client (surprise Adobe AIR is not just for Twitter clients!) which gives you the ease of posting new messages that you’re familiar with from that other netwokr which I won’t mention from here on in.

At Vertica Yammer is quickly turning into a questions and answer service which translates directly into increased productivity because A) You don’t have to know who knows what, you just ask the question and someone will chime in, and B) You don’t interrupt people who don’t want to be interrupted because if they’re not looking they won’t answer.

Now whether or not it will actually serve its original purpose remains to be seen. The new offices in Zealand is still under a month old and quite small so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. What’s interesting though is that people at the first office were very quickly to adopt Yammer.

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