# Thursday, 13 May 2004

About 8 months ago I finally caved in a bought myself an iPod. Just couldn't resist all those cute pictures of it on the net and sure enough, when I got it I instantly fell in love. The little thing followed me everywhere and quickly got to the point where I just couldn't imagine what my life was like before :)


I had almost just finished that thought when my iPod started acting funny on me. I figured it had hit puberty or something and it would pass with time until the day when it just sat there on my desk mumbling something about my girlfriend taking too much of my time and I never had any time for poor old iPod anymore...). ANYWAY I figured it was time to send the old girl back to Apple in exchange for a newer model (heh) and from here on in the story just gets worse.


I started my repair case the 16th of January and figured I would have it back in time for my vacation in London, England. No luck. Some weeks later I made plan to go visit some friends of mine in our great capitol of Copenhagen only to have my hopes dashed by Apple Support. Great! And so the story goes on and on.


Having made dozens of phone calls, spoken to even more people and getting a different story every time I finally got a hold of a Swedish customer relations guy who seemed like a person who could get things done. And man did he get things done ... A week and a half later (that would be today) a UPS delivery person arrived, quite unexpected I might add, with my new replacement iPod. I couldn't believe my own eyes and I may have shed a tear when I was finally reunited with my preciousssssss :)


Anyway I thought I would share this story with the world because people need to beware that Apple might try to screw you over. I don't think that this long wait, four count 'em FOUR months, was intentional from Apple but it just goes to show that when something you leave the normal work flow of a system you can quickly end up in some kind of dead end which is really what I think happened here.


I see this all the time with systems I come in contact with. As long as everything works the way the developer intended things run smoothly. This incident certainly is something I keep at the back of my mind when I write code so that the stuff I write is more flexible. I am often amazed at the creative ways users find to use the software we make. It's extremely satisfying to see users solving problems with your software which you really hadn't intended it to handle - on the other hand this can be extremely annoying as well as users not always "get" what they are supposed to do with the product :) Wouldn't the world be a nice place with no users around, ah well, a developer can dream can't he? :D

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