# Thursday, 29 June 2006

SqlpromptI’m currently working on my zero day install list of software I cannot live without but I simply cannot wait to point out this nifty piece of software a colleague just showed me. The premise is simple: Intellisense for SQL Server. Red Gate delivers on this as they have done so many times before on other products for SQL Server, best of all, it’s free. Can you believe that?

Now on to the important stuff: SQL Prompt which is the name of this delicious tool. It’s a whole bag of tricks for your SQL statements:

  • Intellisense on tables, columns, and even joins.
  • Auto capitalization of keywords like SELECT, INSERT, and so on.
  • Keyword formatting, code snippet integration other extended features.
  • Works in SQL Management Studio, Query Analyser, Enterprise Manager, Visual Studio .NET 2003, Visual Studio 2005, UltraEdit, and surprisingly EditPlus 2 which is my text editor of choice.
  • It’s free for now. You can grab a copy for the price of nothing until September 1st.


I give this tool a solid ThumbupThumbupThumbupThumbupThumbupThumbupThumbupThumbupThumbupThumbupthumbs up.

Red Gate SQL Prompt.


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