# Thursday, 01 March 2007

This has been an interesting week for sure. Trine and Christoffer came home this Monday marking the beginning of a new reality for our family. Apparently in this reality Microsoft wants to hire me. I describe this as an alternate reality because it is truly unreal that such a thing should happen to me.

Basically what happened is that as I was driving home with my son from daycare I received a phone call from a Microsoft recruiter who wanted to know whether I was the Søren Spelling Lund who works at Vertica which of course I am. At this point I was wondering how the heck he knew this about me and it turned out that he had tracked me down using LinkedIn so it turns out that it is good for something after all. Following this he described what can only be labeled as "the dream job". He asked me a couple of questions about what I do today and it looked like I was the perfect candidate for what he had in mind. Basically they wanted me for a lead developer position working on support tools for Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) with responsibility for mentoring the other developers in the group and further developing the tools. In other word a subset of what I do today at Vertica.

As a side note I can't help but feel a bit disloyal towards Vertica for actually listening to his proposal but the fact of the matter is that this very situation is a dream come true for little old me, I just never thought that I would actually have to deal with the situation so I was pretty dumb founded throughout the entire conversation. Also when the mothership phones you up you just have to take the call :)

The catch of course is that this would all have to happen at the Microsoft development center in Vedbæk which means that I would have to uproot my entire family and relocate to Zealand. It turns out that I'm not quite ready to do that at this point in my life with all the stuff going on, the move finally over with, and of course our new baby boy. For fun I went and checked the prices on real estate on Zealand and I am pretty chocked although not entirely surprised at what I found. Basically you do not get much for 3 million kroner and what you do get you need to put lots and lots of work into. What a turnoff right there.

Still playing around with the thought of working for Microsoft was a pretty fun excercise to be true and of the way it came about was very cool too.

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