# Wednesday, 17 January 2007

UPDATE: Since writing this post Nvidia has released an official version of the driver.

If you own a GeForce 8800 graphics adapter and have tried getting it to run under Windows Vista you know it's impossible. At least it was impossible up to this point. Today I found an unreleased version of the ForceWare drivers for Windows Vista 32/64-bit. They are versioned 100.30. There are some caveats to running these drivers so check out the details at the download site. Most notably is the bug which causes the resolution to revert to 1024x768 when resuming from standby.

These are beta and should be treated with care. Only install them if you know what you are doing. You can damage your installation by running these.

ForceWare Vista 100.30 (GeForce 8800) x86

ForceWare Vista 100.30 (GeForce 8800) x64

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