# Monday, 25 December 2006

I've switched my feed over to FeedBurner. You shouldn't even notice the difference as DasBlog will redirect you to the new feed automagically from now on. The new feed URL is feeds.feedburner.com/publicvoid. I basically did this to have better stats on how my feed is used. I started this blog with the intent of using it as my extended memory but over the years (yes the blog is coming up on its three year birthday) it's become increasingly clear that I wouldn't get around to actually updating it if people didn't come here to read my stuff. So thank you for keeping me at it :) FeedBurner will allow me to keep track of the stuff you guys like and it'll keep me interested as I can see that the stuff is being read.

DasBlog has great support for FeedBurner you basically create an account with FeedBurner and enter the feedname in DasBlog. From that point in DasBlog will redirect both existing and new subscribers to the FeedBurner feed automatically.

FeedBurner allows for more in-depth stats of subscribers than DasBlog. DasBlog offers hit stats but that's it. With FeedBurner you can get a real count on how many subscribers your blog has (I actually have 62 at this point which was pretty surprising). Also you can make your feed available in lots of different ways: RSS, ATOM, e-mail, simple HTML, and more. You can add Flares which are small links added to each individual post like "E-mail this", "Digg this", and so on. There are a whole bunch of these I have to take a look at. It could spice the feed up quite a bit.

Read more about FeedBurner.

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