# Tuesday, 09 October 2007

VisualStudioLogo Have you ever spent more time looking for the item you wanted to add to your project than actually writing the code for it? I've spent plenty of time not being able to find that particular item in my Add New Item dialog because Microsoft just threw everything in there with a huge pitch fork.

Luckily for us K. Scott Allen found this annoying as well and went digging in the Visual Studio project templates and found that he could sort the list using a little Powershell script he did.

So he went from this to this:


Download his Powershell script for sorting the Add New Item dialog and remember to grab Powershell as well to make it go. Please note that Powershell has policies in effect which means that you have to allow the script to run. I simply did a Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted and then ran the script. I know I shouldn't be allowing all scripts to run but I don't really use Powershell for anything serious at this point so it doesn't matter.

Thanks to Daniel for this tip.

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