# Thursday, 03 April 2008

glatfore_skilt I'm now officially a statistical anomaly. Only last November I encountered a ghost driver and in my post Could Have Been Me I write about what could have happened if I'd decided to try and take over another car at the very moment the ghost driver came upon me.

Well tonight turned out to be that night. On my way home from Århus I encountered a different ghost driver only this time I was actually in the same lane as the other guy. Luckily I had my wits about me and managed to swerve out of his way.

So please just for a year or so give me break. I really think that I've had to deal with enough ghost drivers for one life time. WTF!

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# Thursday, 29 November 2007

On my way home this evening I had a most shocking experience: I encountered a ghost driver driving the wrong way on the free way on my side of the road. I was alerted to the situation by drivers in the opposite lane who were signaling with their headlights madly. Of course this got my attention but I had no idea what they were trying to tell those of us driven in the opposite lane. Moments later that became horribly apparent when I saw the car coming at us driven the wrong way on the free way. It blew past us in a matter of seconds; at first I didn't even understand how lucky I'd just been or even what happened.

This very moment as I'm sitting at home watching the news do I understand how lucky I actually was. It turns out that that very same ghost driver crashed into a car less than one minute after it passed me killing the ghost driver and seriously injuring the other driver who fortunately is outside danger.

I can't help but think that that seriously injured person could've been me if I'd decided to try and over take another car at the wrong moment or whether I could've done something to prevent the terrible accident which happened only moments after the car passed me by...

Read more about the incident (Danish)

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# Friday, 16 March 2007

Min hustru reddede min dag med følgende beskedveksling på Messenger:

Trine says (12:49):
hej søde
det kan godt være du får p-bøder i tide og utide, men jeg kan et bedre trick...
Trine says (12:50):
Trine says (12:51):
jeg låste mig ude af bilen, nede i byen, mens Christoffer sad i bilen! Slå den!!!
Heldigvis var det på Sydbanks parkeringsplads, så jeg kunne lige låne telefonen og ringe efter en låsesmed og hæve de 400 kr han skulle have
Trine says (12:53):
spørg lige om jeg følte mig dum!? Jeg havde trykket låsen ned og stod og tog selen på, og så gled døren i... øv! og min taske var selvfølgelig inde i bilen med nøglen og Christoffer... Hov. Fra nu af bor bilnøglen i min jakkelomme
Trine says (12:55):
Så da jeg stod inde i en forretning og så de fedeste smykker, tænkte jeg at de 400 kr. sættet kostede vist var dem jeg allerede havde brugt på den søde låsesmed, som iøvrigt sagde at det ikke var første gang han havde befriet et lille barn...

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# Thursday, 01 March 2007

This has been an interesting week for sure. Trine and Christoffer came home this Monday marking the beginning of a new reality for our family. Apparently in this reality Microsoft wants to hire me. I describe this as an alternate reality because it is truly unreal that such a thing should happen to me.

Basically what happened is that as I was driving home with my son from daycare I received a phone call from a Microsoft recruiter who wanted to know whether I was the Søren Spelling Lund who works at Vertica which of course I am. At this point I was wondering how the heck he knew this about me and it turned out that he had tracked me down using LinkedIn so it turns out that it is good for something after all. Following this he described what can only be labeled as "the dream job". He asked me a couple of questions about what I do today and it looked like I was the perfect candidate for what he had in mind. Basically they wanted me for a lead developer position working on support tools for Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) with responsibility for mentoring the other developers in the group and further developing the tools. In other word a subset of what I do today at Vertica.

As a side note I can't help but feel a bit disloyal towards Vertica for actually listening to his proposal but the fact of the matter is that this very situation is a dream come true for little old me, I just never thought that I would actually have to deal with the situation so I was pretty dumb founded throughout the entire conversation. Also when the mothership phones you up you just have to take the call :)

The catch of course is that this would all have to happen at the Microsoft development center in Vedbæk which means that I would have to uproot my entire family and relocate to Zealand. It turns out that I'm not quite ready to do that at this point in my life with all the stuff going on, the move finally over with, and of course our new baby boy. For fun I went and checked the prices on real estate on Zealand and I am pretty chocked although not entirely surprised at what I found. Basically you do not get much for 3 million kroner and what you do get you need to put lots and lots of work into. What a turnoff right there.

Still playing around with the thought of working for Microsoft was a pretty fun excercise to be true and of the way it came about was very cool too.

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# Saturday, 24 February 2007

Well whadda ya know, I'm a dad... again. Let me warn you right now: This might get mushy so stop reading right now if you can't stand people going on and on about their children. I promise that I'll return to the regularly scheduled programming :)

I can tell you one thing right off the bat it doesn't get any less wonderful or weird the second time around. I did wonder how I'd be able to love both the little ones the same with two of them competing for attention. Turns out that the love simply grows with each new addition to the family. Isn't it wonderful how things just work themselves out sometimes?

The birth of my first born (and, don't forget, heir to my kingdom) was a pretty traumatic deal not so much because anything went wrong per say. We simply didn't know at any time what the next step would be, you get the feeling that the hospital staff thinks of you a person who cannot even begin to understand what is going on. incredibly frustrating when you think of yourself as a reasonably enlightened individual with equipped average intelligence.

This time around the opposite happened. My wife needed to give birth by C-section because our son apparently is equipped with the same path finding abilities as his father, i.e. next to none, thus he wasn't facing the exit properly. So we knew the date and time on beforehand which turns out to be pretty handy for planning :)

We started out the day before the operation by being informed of what was going to happen. Unfortunately the weather gods decided to dump a whole bunch of snow on us so the staff was pretty thin which meant that we spent six hours at the hospital waiting for a total of 45 minutes worth of information. Not the best way to start out but what are you going to do? I was just happy that we made it to the hospital at all :)

A C-section apparently requires every human being on the planet to be present in the operating room. We had doctors specializing in anesthetics, nurses, surgeons, assisting surgeons, more nurses, midwives, the whole shebang. I'm pretty sure I got my tax worth that day :) So maybe not the entire population of planet earth, a healthy percentage at least. It was pretty cool to watch what can only be described as a well choreographed dance happen around you. Everybody knew they function, when to do what, where to go next. Awesome, just awesome. Of course this brings my mind to the process of developing software, I think the bar may have been raising for where we need to go with our development efforts in the future but that's for a different post altogether.

All went well. Baby Christoffer was born February 23rd at 10:17 weighing 3100 g. and 50 cm. of length. He was born just 15 minutes after the surgery started. The entire thing was over in 45 minutes, the same amount of time spent by the staff telling us about it. Fun coincidence don't you think?

I'll never forget sitting holding my wife's hand and hearing for the first time the voice of my son as he was delivered into this world by capable hands. Of course I didn't cry I merely had something in my eye :)

Of course it's every parent's right to spam friends, family, and the internets with lots and lots of baby pictures but I'll spare you for now and only post a couple:

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# Saturday, 06 January 2007

It took a while but I've finally gotten around to uploading the photos I took at TechEd 2006. Check them out at Flickr.

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# Wednesday, 22 November 2006

So my colleague Sune, who might eventually get around to updating SQLJoint, finally coaxed me into taking the exam even though I never did get around to actually preparing for it. The only help I had was a Transcender from the COM days. Turns out, not that much has changed in the exam format. Lucky me.

With this one down I'm only a single exam short of achieving MCSD.NET so I may just have to take a look at 70-316 Developing and Implementing Windows-based Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET in the very near future. Who knows I might be able to do this one with minimal effort too; one can only hope. This MCSD project of mine has been going on forever so I just want it over with at this point. I really can't stand having unfinished projects running for years and years :)

In case you were wondering about my score it was a clean 700. Work you do to get beyond 700 is wasted right? Right??? :) The score is actually quite a bit lower than my usual ones which normally run in the high 800 to low 900 area but I guess the amount of work I put into this one shows. It also shows that my standard operating procedure of doing a test exam, reading material, doing another test exam really does work.

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# Friday, 21 April 2006

… Been busy moving that’s why. We bought a house for our small family and have been getting it ready for us to move into. The move is completed and I should return to my not so regular blogging schedule soon.

I’ve got a couple of very cool posts planned based on some of the stuff I’ve been working on lately including creating an attribute-based Code Access Security framework which integrates to Active Directory, my experience unit- and webtesting with Team System, and some of my gotchas about switching from ASP.NET 1.1 to 2.0.

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# Wednesday, 11 May 2005
The definition of goods friends is when they take the time to call you even though they are on their honeymoon. I’m truly touched.
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# Tuesday, 01 March 2005

By weird coinsidence Kathy Sierra follows up on the How to Read and Digest a Book! I posted about yesterday with a post named Dealing with a legacy brain... where she chronicles the problems with trying to get your brain to want the same things as you do.

Basically the brain is hard wired to live in the stone age where such things as food is hard to come by, and danger is around in abundance. Today we face almost exactly the opposite situation: Food is abundant for people of the western world, and dangerous situations almost only happens if you actively seek them out.

This is very much relevant for your learning process which you will learn when reading Dealing with a legacy brain... by Kathy Sierra. She even details a couple of techniques you can use to better process new information.

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# Monday, 28 February 2005

A skill which is often overlooked when trying to improve oneself is the reading skill, even though most relevant information is aggregated through this medium. How to Read and Digest a Book! is a post which got me thinking about my reading habits and what I might do to improve them.

For me personally more and more interesting information is gathered from the text medium. Mostly due to the advent of RSS feeds where I need to have focus on fast processing of posts if I am to stay up to date with all the exciting stuff people post about.

For me to engage in a piece of text for learning purposes I have found that taking notes is the best practice. It may lengthen the reading process somewhat but my thoughts are focused and more information tend to stick for a longer period of time. Another plus is that I can always go back to my notes and look for the points which I found important at the time.

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# Wednesday, 26 January 2005

A quick rant about people insisting on naming all their links here, e.g. More information about product available here. Don’t you just hate that? Why won’t people put some descriptive text in their links?! Not only does it help the page rank on Google as described in my post The Black Art of Google Optimizations, it also helps blind people as well which is an even better reason to do it.

In order to further the movement I hereby declare this day hence forth the:


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# Friday, 21 January 2005

For me the killer feature of dasBlog isn’t the anti spam function for comments or any of the technical stuff like improved performance. No for me it’s the fact that I’m now able to see referral statistics for past dates. Although I keep this blog for myself as place to put stuff which I will need later, I also get a thrill out of knowing that people do in fact read what I write here.

Let’s face it most people are attention whores and want some kind of recognition for the stuff that they do. Oh and when I type “they”, I really should type “me” :) In my opinion even more statistics are needed because it keeps me interested in doing this. It forces me to post the stuff I find useful which does two things: 1) Makes the stuff available for later use by myself, and more importantly 2) Makes the stuff available for other people.

Takes for example my post about Problems Connection To Hotmail Through Router. It was a pretty hard case to crack and stuff like that would for my part be forgotten once dealt with. I know of at least two people who benefited from me posting about my solution to the problem which really makes this stuff worth doing. Knowing that I helped two people dealing with a difficult hardware issue makes me want to add even more stuff here.

Helping other people makes me feel great, you can too.

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# Sunday, 15 August 2004

This is a non-technical post so beware if you are here for your technical fix of the day :) The girlfriend and I took out little baby boy swimming today and were we excited to see what he thought of getting into a cold pool. He likes his baths very hot thus the excitement :)

I got to say that he handled it like a champ. He as in the pool for 10 minutes before he got cold but that's pretty good considered he is only 10 weeks old and doesn't carry around a whole lot of body fat yet. It was pretty amazing seeing him taking his first swim. I could clearly see how he was taking it all in (the experience not the water, what kind of parent do you take me for :)); before he was born one of the things I was looking forward to was "seeing" the world through his eyes which I think I got a chance to do today. Just seeing him wonder about this new experience made me smile - more than two hours have passed and I still get a smile on my face when I think about the whole experience.

My point is that if you are a new parent you should really consider taking your child swimming at an early age not only to get the child used to water but also for the reasons I described above. It really took my breath away seeing him in the pool like that. Great stuff! 

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# Monday, 07 June 2004

Yesterday evening I became a dad to beautiful little baby boy Alexander. My girlfriend (wife to be even :) ) was admitted to the hospital Thursday last week because her blood pressure was too high which could cause complications at birth.

Because of this the birth was started prematurely with the help of medicine but unfortunately it didn't take. Labor was induced but the contractions were artificial in nature and could not be sustained during the entire birth so the doctors decided that is was time for a Cesarean. At this point we had reached Sunday and naturally we were happy with any kind of progress so agreeing to surgery was not that tough a decision.

Things started to happen very quickly after the decision was made. My girlfriend was prepped for surgery and less than 30 minutes later she gave birth to our son. Surgery itself lasted for 10 minutes which to me was both surprising and very fascination - I hold a very deep respect for doctors, needless to say that this respect grew ten fold that night.

One of my greatest fears is of surgery so I was pretty much just tried to make it through it all without passing out. Somehow I ended up in surgery with my girlfriend telling her that everything would be alright while at the same time trying just to breathe calmly. Very weird and very scary seeing the person I am the closest with in the entire world lying there without me being able to do anything about it. My job is to protect her yet I was unable to do so.

I cannot describe the feelings which rushed through me as I heard the first little cough coming from my son when he was born. It was basically every single feeling I have had my entire life rushing through me in a span of a few seconds. Even as I type this the memory of it all makes adrenaline pump through my veins.

Everything went according to plan and I have spent today getting to know my son. It's incredible to think of all the possibilities the future has in store for him. For now I am happy just being able to change his diaper and keeping him from crying.

Becoming a father really sets everything in perspective; I have baby poo up my elbows and I couldn't be happier :)

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# Thursday, 27 May 2004

Now this is interesting, students at Danish business colleges have been given a case about the IT systems of Bolia.com. I have a special interest in this case as I am currently employed at the company which maintains and develops the systems running the Bolia.com business and spend part of my time writing code for the very systems the students are trying to pick apart.

There are some very interesting discussions around Danish fora where people are trying to find all sorts of weaknesses in the systems and business model.

I almost feel famous right now :)

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# Thursday, 13 May 2004

About 8 months ago I finally caved in a bought myself an iPod. Just couldn't resist all those cute pictures of it on the net and sure enough, when I got it I instantly fell in love. The little thing followed me everywhere and quickly got to the point where I just couldn't imagine what my life was like before :)


I had almost just finished that thought when my iPod started acting funny on me. I figured it had hit puberty or something and it would pass with time until the day when it just sat there on my desk mumbling something about my girlfriend taking too much of my time and I never had any time for poor old iPod anymore...). ANYWAY I figured it was time to send the old girl back to Apple in exchange for a newer model (heh) and from here on in the story just gets worse.


I started my repair case the 16th of January and figured I would have it back in time for my vacation in London, England. No luck. Some weeks later I made plan to go visit some friends of mine in our great capitol of Copenhagen only to have my hopes dashed by Apple Support. Great! And so the story goes on and on.


Having made dozens of phone calls, spoken to even more people and getting a different story every time I finally got a hold of a Swedish customer relations guy who seemed like a person who could get things done. And man did he get things done ... A week and a half later (that would be today) a UPS delivery person arrived, quite unexpected I might add, with my new replacement iPod. I couldn't believe my own eyes and I may have shed a tear when I was finally reunited with my preciousssssss :)


Anyway I thought I would share this story with the world because people need to beware that Apple might try to screw you over. I don't think that this long wait, four count 'em FOUR months, was intentional from Apple but it just goes to show that when something you leave the normal work flow of a system you can quickly end up in some kind of dead end which is really what I think happened here.


I see this all the time with systems I come in contact with. As long as everything works the way the developer intended things run smoothly. This incident certainly is something I keep at the back of my mind when I write code so that the stuff I write is more flexible. I am often amazed at the creative ways users find to use the software we make. It's extremely satisfying to see users solving problems with your software which you really hadn't intended it to handle - on the other hand this can be extremely annoying as well as users not always "get" what they are supposed to do with the product :) Wouldn't the world be a nice place with no users around, ah well, a developer can dream can't he? :D

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# Sunday, 02 May 2004

I figured that I'd do something a little more usefull (?!) than just posting a random picture as a test of NewsGator's posting abilities so here is a picture of your's truly. It was taken late summer last year when the company went to Liseberg, Sweden for some R&R.

UPDATE: So it seems that posting images through NewsGator doesn't work all that well. The picture below was posted using the post via e-mail feature of dasBlog (what a great piece of software dasBlog is :) )

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# Tuesday, 27 April 2004

Well maybe not the first .NET website EVER but it was for me :) When I was getting my feet wet with .NET (I was building the most horrible website in ASP.NET to learn the stuff) a friend of mine pointed out a site which he was involved in building. I saw the site and went, "oooooh, I want to build that kind of websites".

Today I started working on a new project which I wasn't too familiar with from the get go. I spent the entire day setting up my development machine and fired up the site. Lo and behold it was the same site as the one I saw almost two years ago. How freaky is that?

I just sat there and stared at the code while thinking about how the hell I had ended up in this situation. Sometimes it's the little things which remind you of how much you have learned :)

Anyway tomorrow will bring lots of interesting bits I need to get done. Can't really wait to get started for real :)

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# Wednesday, 21 April 2004

Why is it that work never fall in neat little packages? I have been sitting idle for a couple of weeks and now things are picking up which is great but why oh why do projects always fall on top of each other?

It seems that when one project is set to go another one lands in my laps immediately after :) Not complaining though, but there seems to be an eerie pattern underneath there somewhere :D

Am I the only one why experiences these peeks?!

Oh, my server is ready to go, gotta get some code done... Cheers!

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