# Monday, 04 June 2007

Yes I know it's not related to .NET but they were just too cute not to post :) An entire photoset on Flickr of tiny little animals on fingers.

Tiny Animals on Fingers.

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# Sunday, 29 October 2006

37slogo-transI was given a copy of the book “Getting Real” by 37signals a while back and have had it lying around until recently when I decided to give it a read. I’m pretty impressed with what they have to say about software development. Lots of fresh ideas, lots of food for thought. Although I don’t agree with everything they state they do have some good points. Definitely worth a read.

If you do decide to read it be advised that a lot of what they say is related to their situation only. As an example they state that requirements gathering is a waste of time. Which is it, for them. They are developing their own service and as such is their own customer. For people in the consultancy business stuff like requirements gathering is very important, for people like 37signals not so much.

37signals is now giving away the book so there’s really no excuse not to read it. It’s a quick read too.

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# Monday, 26 June 2006
Digg 3.0 has released moments ago introducing new categories and an updated user interface. Looks pretty neat.
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# Friday, 01 April 2005

The C# Team has scoured the Web for other implementations of the CLI, cool object browsers, IDE tricks, add-ins, obfuscators, and other useful tools and utilities that will help you get your job done faster.


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Some insight into the challenges of developing a MMORPG.

Lucasfilm's Habitat was created by Lucasfilm Games, a division of LucasArts Entertainment Company, in association with Quantum Computer Services, Inc. It was arguably one of the first attempts to create a very large scale commercial multi-user virtual environment. A far cry from many laboratory research efforts based on sophisticated interface hardware and tens of thousands of dollars per user of dedicated compute power, Habitat is built on top of an ordinary commercial online service and uses an inexpensive -- some would say "toy" -- home computer to support user interaction. In spite of these somewhat plebeian underpinnings, Habitat is ambitious in its scope. The system we developed can support a population of thousands of users in a single shared cyberspace. Habitat presents its users with a real-time animated view into an online simulated world in which users can communicate, play games, go on adventures, fall in love, get married, get divorced, start businesses, found religions, wage wars, protest against them, and experiment with self-government.

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I just noticed that MSDN Channel9 has some new videos up, so what? Well this time is different; they have interview with one of the architects of the Windows kernel: Dave Probert.

Also in there is a short and clear definition of what Hyperthreading is … finally!

Going Deep: Windows, Part I - Dave Probert

Going Deep: Windows, Part II - Dave Probert

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# Thursday, 31 March 2005

Interested in GUI design and? GUIdebook has a lot of interesting stuff to look at. I particularly like the page where they contrast various icons from operating systems over time such as the obvious MacOS and Windows, and the not so obvious Linux variants and even OS/2.


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# Thursday, 17 March 2005
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Looks like I’ll be going to the movies this summer

War of the Worlds movie

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