# Thursday, 15 November 2007

anug_logo_200x85 Jacob initiated a Facebook group for ANUG a couple of weeks back. An initiative of which I scoffed initially but I've come to realize my mistake after I took another look at Facebook.

My initial reaction was that I didn't want the hassle of maintaining another social network but I have to admit that Facebook brings a lot of interesting stuff to the table especially for a group like ours.

We run everything with volunteers, presenters, "infrastructure", places to hold the meetings, everything so naturally a site that offers everything we need to keep track of members and announce our events in a more structured manner is a very welcome addition to our toolbox.

As a result we're messing around with the group, getting people signed up, and we've created a couple of events already so check it out and please let me know what you think about it. Other than giving us some nice opportunities for the events Facebook brings support for uploading pictures to the group page, creating discussions, and posting comments.

Check out Aarhus .NET User Group Facebook Group

And why not join the ANUG LinkedIn group while you're at it to bolster your professional network?

BTW we've made really easy to remember URLS for Facebook and LinkedIn. Just go ANUG.dk/Facebook or ANUG.dk/LinkedIn, there's really no excuse not to spread the word ;)

Oh yeah, you can check out my personal profile as well if you can stand it :)

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